Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On the road and NPR

We went away to Massachusetts for a long weekend. M had a conference, and I went along. As will happen when you're in the car for 11 hours in stopped traffic, you'll listen to the stories on NPR. One such story I heard this weekend was about two former engineers who got into making music videos to post on-line and then began making them for businesses. They're pretty funny. I was especially impressed with the fast food worker who was able to get the entire order correct after the guys sang everything to them. Enjoy! I'll post pix of Massachusetts soon. NPR Story


maeve said...

I loved these ... the drive thru was a riot!!

tshsmom said...

Did you hear ME on NPR last winter?
During one of our -40F weeks, NPR called the restaurant and interviewed me about the weather. I could never find the show I was on on their website, but several friends from southern MN were amazed to hear me on the radio. ;)

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Maeve, the drive thru was my favorite too.

Hey Tshsmom, are you back on-line now? I don't know if I heard you on NPR. I remember hearing a number of interviews with people where it was really cold, so I may have, but I didn't know it if I did.

Last full day in Europe

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