Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fly little bird, fly

She did it!  My baby left the country.  She ran off to join the circus. ;-)  she's going to apprentice with Zippo's Circus, through their Academy of Circus Arts.

She left here Tuesday and had a ten hour layover in Iceland, on her way to England.  While in Iceland, she visited the Blue Lagoon Thermal Spa.  I would love to go there.  CK, check out Zippo's schedule and let me know if my daughter will be in a town near you.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

*sigh* Will this ever end?

have been good, recently.  I did fall off the wagon.  I did go back to eating wheat and dairy, and when I developed hives, I did stop again, thinking maybe there was some connection.  When my stopping the wheat and dairy didn't seem to make any difference to the hives, I went back to eating it, until the doctor ordered me off it again.  She thought maybe my allergy had turned to celiac disease.  The blood test came back negative, but I still need a biopsy to absolutely confirm I haven't developed it.  In the mean time, the hives were still present, and the severe indigestion was there as well.  I've been on multiple prescriptions to get all this to stop.  Finally over the weekend, the hives started to disappear, the stomach problems improved.  I thought I'd turned a corner.  So when Monday around 3 p.m. when I started to get severe indigestion, I was confused.  The stomach pains only ever came when the hives were present, and they were just about gone.  I began popping Tums and Nexium to no avail.  In between bouts of pain, I went out to dinner for a family member's birthday.  At dinner I was careful to only order from their gluten-free menu.  So an hour after dinner, when I was home, not only did the stomach pain return, but my lower lip started to feel funny.  It started feeling hot and tight.  Below are two pictures.  The first is what my lower lip usually looks like, the second was what my lip looked like when I first noticed something was happening.  I had been taking pictures whenever I had hives so my doctor could see what they looked like, because sometimes when I went to the doctor, they cleared up.

Very quickly my lower lip swelled, then my face got red and my cheeks began to swell.  I put ice on my lip or about 20 minutes, but it didn't help.  M convinced me to go to a doctor.  The mini-clinic didn't look open, so we went to the regular hospital emergency room.  As I was walking in the ER, I could feel the swelling spreading up toward my eyes.  When I walked into the ER and tried to say "I think I'm having an allergic reaction, but I don't know why," my voice sounded funny, because apparently my lips couldn't move to enunciate the words properly.  She understood me enough to get me into a room and seen immediately.  As they started an I.V. on me, my throat began to feel clogged.  I kept clearing my throat, not even realizing it was likely swelling shut too.  I was incredibly calm and even dozed for a bit while the drugs began filling my body.  They ran all sorts of tests, but couldn't find anything to indicate what I was reacting to.  The next morning I went to pick up new meds, and my first ever Epi-pen.  I also went to see my regular doctor.  She thinks I might have some sort of auto-immune disorder.  She's referring me to another doctor, plus I'll need to get scoped to see if I have ulcers.  All this while school, repairs, and preparations for moving have to occur.  

Monday, April 27, 2015


I'm in the process of getting ready for May Day, prepping for my summer course since the university changed the software we use.  We also had two offers to buy the house and we didn't even have to put it on the market!  A friend of ours will be buying the house, and because of his financing, we have to complete more repairs prior to the house inspection, so we've been busy with that as well.  I will post pictures of those projects soon, as well as our last progressive dinner.  :-(  Back to work for me!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The End of an Era is Coming Soon

An ending is coming soon for me, and as a result, I've been thinking about things from a different perspective. I have been very blessed these last ten years. I have had the best of everything, the best neighbors ever, the best job ever, and the best house ever. Recently I've been thinking about our house. I've never loved any house I've ever lived in before. I've lived many places, had many nice and modest homes, and worked on making all of them better, but until this house, our do-it-yourself kit house from 1915, I had never really loved and gotten attached to a house. I've been on-line looking at houses, and I just don't care for most of the houses I see out there. I remember when we moved into our house, it was a mess of hideous decorating choices and major repairs to be done, yet over the past ten years, we have tackled every project. I think that might be part of why I love our house so much, because we re-did every room in the house. It truly is a reflection of everything that matters to us, in making this house a home. The best compliment I ever got on our house was from a friend who house sat for us while we were out of the country a few years back. She said initially she was worried about house sitting for us, because old houses gave her the creeps. She said she woke up in the middle of the night while house sitting, got up to go to the bathroom, hesitated in the hall, listened for any creepy house sounds, and just felt this sense of peace. She said it was like the house gave her a warm hug. She felt completely at ease. Other people who have stayed with us have mentioned that too, that the house felt happy, peaceful, even when they were alone in it. I wonder if houses have feelings or can project the feelings of the lives that have lived in it. I hope we find the perfect family to live in our house, people who will continue to improve it and love it.
So, yes, we will be moving, this summer. M accepted a job in Buffalo, New York. It means massive changes for us. Both of us will be in new jobs, hunting for a new house, learning a new city, finding new doctors, a veterinarian, pet care for while we're at work, finding new friends. This might prove to be very traumatic, I mean, we are older, set in our ways, but we're going into this with high hopes and lots of energy. The thing about this move that is wonderful for me, is that I'm from New York state, and I will now be a 2 1/2 hour drive from my sister. Another hope, dear neighbors of ours here, are from Toronto, and I'm hoping on their many trips back and forth from Toronto, that they'll stop in for a visit. I worry about our dog and his girlfriend across the street, they are very bonded, I worry about how the move will affect him and not getting to see her anymore. Dogs have feelings too. It's sad to think of moving away from all the friends we made here, but I know from experience, yes, there will people we will never see again, but the truly good friends, will make an effort to come see us, and we will come back down here, but it won't be the same as having them in our lives daily. We thought about this move long and hard. Were we truly happy here, in our careers, could we be happy staying here permanently? The answer was yes and no. Yes we were happy and if nothing changed, we could be satisfied, but also, we wanted more, new challenges, a chance for career advancement, that only moving out of our comfort zone could provide. So when we started to explore the possibilities, we knew it had to be a perfect job in the perfect place, with the right money, or it wouldn't be worth leaving what we already had. M was in the running for a couple jobs, but when we looked closely at the areas, and our possible quality of life and professional development, Buffalo was the obvious choice. So M accepted today, she should have the written contract in a couple of days, then the announcement will be made campus wide, I suppose. Until then, mum is the word. I'll post more as things progress. We'll have to fly or drive up there to look at houses. I have to search for a new job. The university where M will be working is going to help me find something. We also have to consider M's parents who at some point will be coming to live with us. I think they may stay here for part of the year and with us part of the year until such time they can't live on their own any longer. So much change coming, I dread the thought of having another yard sale to clear the basement and garage, and down-sizing what we want to move with us and what we want to leave behind. The thought of leaving things, people, behind is really pulling at my heart strings. With this move, I will be leaving my children behind. Every move I've ever made since the day they were born, they were with me. I know this is part of growing up, and B has been in Taiwan since last September and somehow I survived. I won't be going to the ends of the earth. I will be a nine hour drive from them, but the thought that I cannot be a part of their daily lives, them coming home for dinner, to do laundry, etc., is a hard thing to deal with, so I might do another post later on mom leaving the nest and what all that entails. This house is the house they grew up in and spent the most time of their lives in. It might be hard for them to know they will never again come home to this house. I remember that was a weird feeling for me, when my mother sold our childhood home. Oh well, I'm feeling maudlin, so I'll stop. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Cyber Kitten

Be sure to have cake, wine, good food, great company, awesome video games, and whatever makes you happy.  

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

It's Easter, and I know this is very delayed, but this is the first year in 26 years that I haven't put together Easter baskets for the "kids" or put together an Easter egg hunt for them.  Since B is still in Taiwan, and Min wouldn't want to do it without him, I didn't do anything.  Min came home last night and we went for a nice dinner to celebrate Easter.  Today she'll spend the day with her dad.

Min misses her brother, I can tell because she didn't ask about baskets, or eggs, or any of the things she normally would, she just asked about her brother.  If I'd heard from him, how he's doing.  She doesn't have Skype, so it's been months since they last spoke.  I filmed them talking and laughing when we last Skyped.  I put the Skype on the big screen t.v.  It was so cute to see them catching up.  They didn't get along sometimes while growing up, but that's typical, as adults they have gotten together with each other and their friends and gone to dinners, the beach, etc.  

This year I finally feel the emptiness of the house without them.  M mentioned yesterday that the Easter bunny was coming.  I hadn't even planned to do an Easter basket for her because I knew I wasn't doing anything for the kids.  I had gotten her some candy already, so I dug a basket out of the attic and did a very simple basket for her.  This year we're taking M's parents to brunch, and I guess, finding a new way to spend Easter.