Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

It's Easter, and I know this is very delayed, but this is the first year in 26 years that I haven't put together Easter baskets for the "kids" or put together an Easter egg hunt for them.  Since B is still in Taiwan, and Min wouldn't want to do it without him, I didn't do anything.  Min came home last night and we went for a nice dinner to celebrate Easter.  Today she'll spend the day with her dad.

Min misses her brother, I can tell because she didn't ask about baskets, or eggs, or any of the things she normally would, she just asked about her brother.  If I'd heard from him, how he's doing.  She doesn't have Skype, so it's been months since they last spoke.  I filmed them talking and laughing when we last Skyped.  I put the Skype on the big screen t.v.  It was so cute to see them catching up.  They didn't get along sometimes while growing up, but that's typical, as adults they have gotten together with each other and their friends and gone to dinners, the beach, etc.  

This year I finally feel the emptiness of the house without them.  M mentioned yesterday that the Easter bunny was coming.  I hadn't even planned to do an Easter basket for her because I knew I wasn't doing anything for the kids.  I had gotten her some candy already, so I dug a basket out of the attic and did a very simple basket for her.  This year we're taking M's parents to brunch, and I guess, finding a new way to spend Easter.

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OldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for your very sweet comment, my dear......My Health Issues have gotten me down and I just have no energy for my Blog......Hopefully, that will change, hasn't so far.
Easter was very very quiet for me----and that is okay. Life has changed so much in these last years---so many loved ones have died or are non-compis-mentus.....Getting "old" is really crappy......the 80's are harder than I expected---I'm not alone in that----Everyone I know who has hit the number "8" and above, is really feeling the difference from the 70's......Everything is falling apart and so many physical horrors have taken hold.....It's quite depressing, to say the least....

Your Easter this year is quite different, isn't it? But, I guess that comes with the territory.....The eggs here on your Blog are Beautiful!!! Hope your Easter meal was a lovely one.....

Thanks so much for your very sweet words. I wish I felt better and felt like getting back to Blogging.....Maybe it will happen----and then again, maybe not.

Take good care and I hope your Spring is a lovely one!

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