Monday, November 9, 2009

Third Man Stories

I was reading the news on the CNN website and I came across this story about "the Third Man." I'd never heard this expression before, so I read more. Apparently some people, when they are in life and death situations, have a voice or presence that comes and helps them save themselves. There's debate over whether it's a survival mechanism in the brain or some sort of divine being. I've never experienced it myself, but I'm wondering, what do you think of this? Have you ever heard of it? CNN Third Man Article

I've heard stories of "people" showing up to help someone and then disappearing once the person was safe, but I'd never heard the term "Third Man."

I was reminded of the song, "Angels Among Us" by Alabama, that relays a story of a lost child being guided home by a stranger who wasn't there. What do you think happens when people say they're experiencing such things?

I will say, much like the Alabama song, I've had people call me out of the blue, just when I needed someone, or a job opens up, money comes in the mail, serendipitous events have occurred for me, just when I needed them to, but no mysterious strangers or voices yet. :-)


Larena said...

I have had Angels through out my life help in times of need. see them ? only once, but then I knew when people called when I needed them most, that they were probably sent to me by someone or something that takes care of me.

Anonymous said...

Have always believed that some "Angel, spirit, god" at various times has watched over me. I chose to think it has something to do with God. Have never seen nor heard anything that would support my thought. It is by faith. Some time, will have to tell you about what Kara and I both saw, the night Braden died. Am much too long winded to tell story here.