Sunday, May 27, 2012

The remains of a very good cookout

Happy Memorial Day weekend. We are flying our flag. Pat, if you can, take flowers to our family graves this weekend. I've lost count how many of our family and friends have served in the military and during wars.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

A Happy Memorial Day to you....! I love that you asked Pat to take flowers to the graves of those family members lost in the many wars our country has been in...It is so important to remember all those who gave life and limb to keep us safe...!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Yeah, I'm not close enough to do family graves. I've often thought about making the 3 hour trip and volunteering to place flags at Arlington. Maybe I should look into that now for next year. said...

Hope you all had a great weekend. I posted pix of the girls and fireworks that didnt come out real well but I got them anyway.I had the fireworks setting set on my camera but they still seemed to come out blurry. lol. I just dont get it. Anyway talk soon.

Oops I did it again

Getting it short in anticipation of warm weather and more jogging, it grows fast and will be long again by next winter.