Sunday, September 9, 2012

New puppy

So we just made a fast trip to Ohio and back this weekend to pick up our new puppy, Lambeau. We are tired from the drive and tired from being up in the night with the puppy. I am still determined to get the Estonia post done, maybe this week since I have to sit home with him a bit.


wunelle said...

Aw, he's adorable!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

He sure is cute! All the way to Ohio?? That's a BIG trip for this darling little puppy!!!
CONGRATULATIONS on your new 'family' member!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

He is such a cuddler! He smells so good! I tell myself this when I get up for the third time in the ight with him.

Larena said...

gotta love the puppy smell! enjoy it K it doesn't last ! LOL !
I have such a hard time commenting on blogger any more grrrrr try # 4

Liza Bedoya said...

Oh my! He is totally adorable on the second photo!! >_< It’s like he knows what a camera is and he’s got nothing to do but smile! Rawr! One of the ways to make your puppy feel at home is to allow him to tour the house with a leash on. Also, give and introduce him to his corner (bed), since it would help him settle in his new home.

Liza Bedoya

Elenora Coward said...

Lambeau looks like a little kid sleeping on the floor! He looks at ease already, because if not, I doubt that you could’ve taken pictures of him. Spend more time with him, bond with him, and make him feel that he is welcome and now a part of your family. I’m sure he’ll make a good companion.

So sad and too soon

Dolores O'Riordan -