Monday, August 26, 2013

Playing the waiting game

The next time you have to wait for a repair guy, who says he will be there "bright and early" for a three day repair job, check his definition of bright and early. When he wasn't here by nine, I called and was assured he was loading the van and would be here by ten. It's almost eleven. I wonder what time zone he's operating under. He's only coming from 5 minutes away, so it's not like he's stuck in traffic.  

Since I have to wait for him, I couldn't go to yoga today.  Never being one to sit idly by, I did dishes, cleaned the knick-knacks on the porch, put up new ones, did a plaster repair job in the stairwell (waiting for it to dry so I can sand and paint it), disassembled and cleaned the light in the front entry, blogged/griped about it, and now I'm going off to fold laundry.  Guess it was good I got up bright and early. 

1 comment:

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I swear, you can do and fix anything and everything!!! BRAVA to you, my dear....!

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