Sunday, November 24, 2013


I'm taking a break tonight.  I've been grading papers day and night all weekend while M was out of town.  It was just as well, it is FREEZING here!  I've had to venture out a few times because the dog demanded it, but even under three layers of coats, a scarf around my face and gloves, the strong winds just cut right through me.  So tonight, M is back home and we have retired to bed early, we've got the electric blanket cranked on high, and are settling in to watch the American Music Awards.  Katy Perry just opened the show.  Her voice sounded deeper and a little off, like she might have a cold, but the set was gorgeous.
American Music Awards


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Not sure I could stand that kind of cold weather ever again...!
I didn't watch the AMA's....hope the whole show was good. said...

its been cold here too esp since we moved.. but nothing much you can do about it.. its almost winter. happy thanksgiving if i forget to make my rounds later in the week.