Sunday, January 12, 2014

Golden Globes and movies

We're watching the Golden Globes Award show.  Poor Jacquline Bisset, I hope they don't pick on her too much.  Who hasn't gone to the podium a little tipsy and very nervous.  She obviously didn't believe for a moment that she would win and decided to have a good time.  Oh well, with the public's short attention span, it should be over quickly, or at least as soon as the next public embarrassment catches the public's eye.

We've been spending some of our Christmas break watching lots of movies and t.v.series.  Here are recommendations:  

The Walking Dead - this is a t.v. series on AMC, and if you can get past the gruesomeness of the blood and gore of killing zombies, this is actually a very good series, very well-written, well-acted, with great character development.  We have burned through the first three seasons, sometimes watching three or four episodes back-to-back, and are now halfway through season four.  This is really a good show.


Inside Llewelyn Davis - the music is wonderful, the acting is good, too bad the scipt sucks.  The cats in the movie don't fare too well either.  I think I understood what they were trying to do with the script, I just don't think they succeeded.   I didn't like any characters in the film, and I don't think the characters or the story were very well developed.  A bit of a disappointment.

August Osage County- hmmm, too much like life in my house growing up.  Meryl Streep was nominated for this tonight in the comedy category.  Trust me, this is no comedy, not even close.  This is a tragic, dysfunctional family hell-bent on causing as much damage to one another as possible.  The script was relentless in making characters suffer.  No character was spared, and only a handful of them had any  redeeming qualities.  That said, it was a good movie, interesting and sad.  Also, Margo Martindale gave a good performance.  I found her shift between being a mean mother to her child and hopelessly smitten with her husband very interesting and believable.  You could see the change move across her face, a great talent there.  I would reccommend this movie.

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OldLady Of The Hills said...

Ahhhh, The Golden Globes. Well, I wrote what I felt about the very talented Ms. Bisset. One could see her holding back the tears as she had to take that long long walk from the back of the room. As I said, I LOVED her speech. It was real and there is so much History there in that career...All of it visible in those few moments of being given an Award...!

I Don't watch The Walking Dead....I'm just not interested in Zombies and Vampires and all those other bloody stories---that's just me.

Leweyn Davis---an odd film and as you said, no one very likeable---mostly Leweyn, himself...BUT, a pretty accurate picture of a certain period in the Music Business...

"August, Osage County"...I agree, NOT a comedy by any mean.....And I had a real problem with all the actors except Chris Cooper, who I thought was wonderfully truthful. Meryl and Julia---I LOVE them both, but not in this. I was aware of everyone 'acting'.....
I watched it twice, thinking, maybe I missed something here.....It came out the same for me the second time, too. I understand from people who saw the play that it was WONDERFUL, and filled with actors that nobody knew! I wish I could have seen that production. I think it really hurt the film to have ALL these 'stars'.....Too hard to believe and I find it hard to believe thatthis play won The Pulitzer...BUT, I think it was a different play and a different script on stage.