Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Helllllooooo, anybody there?

I have been cleaning up my blog, the sidebar in particular.  I've hidden the blogs I used to frequent because their authors have not posted in 2, 3, 4 years.  I miss Tshsmom.  I miss her insight, empathy, her pictures and stories.  All good things must come to an end I suppose.  It just feels like losing a good friend, even though we had never met.

I looked at other Bloggers' sidebars and they too have links to people who haven't posted in years.  I hate to think blogging has seen its day.  I don't care if it's not popular so that tons of people no longer do it, but I do care that it's still done.  There is a need for longer posts, deeper thought and discussion than Twitter or Facebook can provide.  There is a need to share thoughts with others without commercials or algorithms directing things toward you or away from you.

I just want to be left alone to write and communicate because it seems like everything else, everyplace else, is moving too fast, at too superficial a level, and it's too impersonal.  I am moving too fast, just scanning pages, leaving too brief comments, if any at all, because I just don't have time.  Time!  Time!  Time!

When did we all get too busy and too preoccupied to make contact with one another?  I'm guiltier than most.  I'm always over scheduled, always taking on too much and never leaving myself enough quiet time or down time.  It reminds me of the old Alabama song:

I'm in a hurry to get things done.  Oh I rush and rush until life's no fun.  All I really gotta do is live and die.  But I'm in a hurry and don't know why.

I just looked through my Facebook page.  A good 90% is politics related.  When did I become so locked into politics?  I thought I walked away from it 3 years ago.  I know FB's algorithm has figured out what things push my buttons and get me to respond, politics.  I looked through my Blog, and I think this is a truer measure of who I am and what interests me, yes there are political posts, but there are also craft and remodeling posts, family posts, humor, and other things of interest.

I think if I remain glued to FB, I shall lose my fuller self.  I am going to take a vow not to Like or post to FB for one week.  Let's see if I make it through the next hour, and while I'm avoiding FB, I think I'll mess with my template.  Time for a little redecorating.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I dearly hope that Blogging is not on the way out.....I have NO interest in Facebook or Twitter OR Whatever....Facebook is too invasive---I don't want anyone making decisions for me based on some limited idea of who they think I am....UGH!!!! PLUS....I will never ever get over Facebook being able to go into MY address book---without my permission or knowledge---telling people, "Naomi wants you to be her friend...."!!!! That shouldn't be allowed.....Talk about "Big Brother"....HELP!!!! long as I am able, I will keep blogging, and I hope you will too! And you are about so much much more than "POLITICS"....!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Thank you Naomi, I do too.

Larena said...

please don't stop writing, K. you have been a rock in my life and I still need you to make sure I stay true to me too......Hugs, take only the good from Fb leave the negative. I did check out of politics as it evokes a mean and nasty side to me that I no longer want to feed. fuk them all if they are harming they WILL be held accountable somewhere in thier lives. God knows I have been!
Naomi I sooooo LOVE your Blog, I seldom comment but I do LOVE the stories you tell of ladies who lunch, I have even started a group here, if I could load a picture of us I shall try to send it to you! as always Ladies you are in my Prayers.

CyberKitten said...

I'm not going anywhere - nothing planned anyway! - and I'm certainly not going to vanish onto Facebook! [lol]

So if you want long posts (from time to time) and deeper thought - often whether you want it or not - there's always my place.... [grin]

My Blog definitely reflects my personality and my interests. I even find it interesting myself to look back at what I've posted to see how my views on things have evolved - or more likely just matured... [laughs]

Anonymous said...

All of you,, please don't stop writing, I do so injoy reading all of your post! do not comment much, but read often. There are parts of FB that I do enjoy, however there are thing that are popping up that am not crazy about.
I am starting to realize that I am pretty clear where I stand on politics, and there's a lot that just pain makes me crazy and pisses me off. And I tend to be a bit passive aggressive, makes me mean. grrrr. So keep me enlightened please. with your blog

William Stachour said...

Fascinating to come across this just now. I axed my FB page here a week or so ago, for the very same reasons you cite: it's all ugly politics, and I can spend HOURS staring at it, waiting for... someone else's life to happen. Enough, I thought.

I haven't been posting on the blog much for a couple years, but I agree that there must be an outlet for longer-form thoughts. It's nice if others read them, but it's really more about my having an outlet to express myself.

I'm glad you keep at it! And now that I have more time (free from FB!) I hope to make more regular visits :-)

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