Monday, November 3, 2014

Skeletons climbing

I've been so busy that I forgot to take pictures of this year's Halloween display. We moved things around, added new features, and had over 300 trick-or-treaters this year! This is the most we've ever had. We had multiple people handing out candy and they got overwhelmed a couple of times at the massive number of people swarming onto our property. Oh my! I told CK about the skeletons we added that we positioned to look as if they were climbing up the side of the house. I didn't get any pictures, but M did, so I snagged this one from her FB page.

We're also in the midst of a major bathroom remodel. Yes, we are gluttons for punishment. I will post on that as soon as the dust settles. We had the whole bathroom gutted down to the studs and expanded a bit. After 3 weeks of destruction, re-construction, wiring, plumbing and painting, we are finally at the tiling stage today. I'm really hoping it all gets done this week. Well, mountains of grading awaits me. Later!


CyberKitten said...

[lol] Very cool & creepy. Bet they looked great in the half light!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

We had a spot light under them. The shadows were spooktacular!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

What a great idea---Climbing! I bet they were a Big Hit!
No one comes up here any more and that's just fine with me....!

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