Monday, December 15, 2014

Let the wild rumpus begin!

Yay!  Vacation time, finally!  Finals are done, grades are turned in, I've the preps for my Winter class done, now I'm moving on to decorating and prepping for Christmas.  Over this short break I hope to get some reading done.  I'm also hoping to get the attic insulated and wired for recessed lights and electrical outlets.  We'll see how far we get. 

Here's one of the books I plan to read.  I'm reading it to see if it would be a good text to assign for my students to read.  

This is another book I'm planning to read.  It's about a race riot that occurred near here.  I'm thinking of assigning it for my American history class.  Now I will start assembling a blog post about the bathroom remodel we just had done.  That should be a little more interesting.


CyberKitten said...

I have some WW1 history books coming up over the next few weeks that you should find interesting. As usual they'll be reviewed on Thursdays and alternate Mondays.

Enjoy your break. I have a super-long one this year. My last day at work was 12th December and I'm not back until 5th Jan 2015.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

My winter class begins Jan. 5th, so I get a good break too. Yay for us!