Friday, March 13, 2015

John Denver

I'm watching a PBS documentary about the life of John Denver, and I'm reminded of how much I loved his music.  His lyrics were so poetic, and could transport me to another place.  Even all these years later, they can still draw me back to another time.

One of my favorite Denver songs was Rocky Mountain High.  Some people would like to say this song was about smoking pot and getting high, those people didn't understand John and what moved him.  That song was inspired by watching a meteor shower while camping in the mountains of Colorado, and feeling like he was finally alive, finally living, and connecting to something greater than himself.

He experienced an epiphany in the mountains of Colorado, and tapped into something that moved his soul.  I can relate to that.  I felt that climbing in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  It's like coming home, finding the place you belong.

Rocky Mountain High

I miss his music and his words.  I'm sorry we lost him so young.  I'm Sorry is another of his songs that really can pull the loneliness out in me.

I'm Sorry

John was an early celebrity who used his fame to bring attention to environmental issues.  His song Calypso has me soaring over the ocean the minute I hear it.



Karlo said...

Rocky Mountain High has always been one of my favorites. The person described in the song--who's very open to personal transformation even when it involves risk and occasional loss--is someone I've always related to.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

It's always been one of my favorites too, having gone through my own epiphany in nature around the same age. :-)

Karlo said...

Great minds think alike.

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