Saturday, January 9, 2016

Binge watching Orphan Black

A few years ago we started watching this new show, Orphan Black.  It was an interesting concept, we enjoyed the pace of the show and the acting, but then the t.v. station kept changing the days and times they aired the show, that we lost track of when it was on and gave up on it.  Well, just recently we discovered it on, On Demand, and have been binge watching the first three seasons.  Season 4 begins in April.  

The concept for this show is the lead charcter, Sarah Manning, sees a woman commit suicide by jumping in front of a train, and just before she jumps, she turns to look at Sarah, and we see they look alike. This starts a process with Sarah assuming this woman's identity to find out who she was, and maybe take the tens of thousands in cash she has in her bank account.  Sarah very quickly gets caught up in murder and espionage as she discovers she, like the woman who killed herself, are one of many clones.  The series follows her path in trying to figure out who is behind the cloning and what sinister purpose they had for creating them.  

Each season adds a new layer to who these clones are, discovering more clones, trying to evade people who want to study them, and people who want to destroy them.  The story is very interesting, the acting and filming is nothing short of brilliant because the woman playing Sarah Manning is playing all the clone roles.  She looks, sounds, and moves differently for each clone, and she is so good at it, that it's really believable that these are different people.  Also, the filming and editing is fantastic!  There are always scenes when two or more clones are on screen together, talking to one another, and interacting with one another like dancing together, fighting, etc., and it looks like these are different people in the same room together, but it's actually the same actress shooting these scenes separately, and then being edited together.  If you haven't seen Orphan Black yet, do yourself a favor and watch this bit of brilliance.  It's a great show on many levels.

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