Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Mayoral Race: Total Votes 2390


Gary A. Comegys.....980...41.00%
Jim Ireton.............1399...58.54%
Write-in Votes...........11....0.46%

So tired tonight, our friend won the mayor's race. Another friend retained her city council seat and another lady we helped campaign for is 3 votes behind the incumbent for her city council seat and her race will go to the absentee ballots. All the absentee ballots (247) need to be counted for all the races but our two friends won by such wide margins, the absentee ballots in their races won't make a difference to the outcome. Going to bed now. Sooooo tired.

Lake Ontario

I've taken to strolling the shores of Lake Ontario lately.  I like that it's no longer tourist season so the dog and I can have the ...