Thursday, September 24, 2009

Babies, Births and, not necessarily in that order

Here are some of the news stories that caught my eye today:

Woman discovers she's pregnant again. She conceived about 2 1/2- 3 weeks after the first conception.
Pregnant Woman Pregnant Again

Male Birth Control Pill. I say if they can't remember to take out the trash or where common items are always kept in the house, I'm not holding out much hope that they'll remember to take the pill. Male Pill

Males - being conceived less often and still not thriving as well as females. Male Reproduction

Wow! Youngest sex change ever. Sex Change


CyberKitten said...

The Male Pill will *never* work.

I mean - would you trust a guy who said "Don't worry babe, I'm on the pill." Yeah, right!

tshsmom said...

You're right. L can't remember to take his blood pressure meds every day without me reminding him.

Donnie Wall Street said...

Yeah, I don't trust a woman who says, "Don't worry, I'm on the Pill". You're assuming that The Male Pill will be a daily routine. Not to mention, my lady friends can't remember where they put most of their accessories let alone remember to take their pill. In fact, plenty of them conceived because they forgot. The solution—for this typical human tendency to forget things—was the Patch. A once a week solution so you don't have to worry about taking your pill.

The IUD still is your best bet. Not much in the way of hormonal influence or weight gain, it lasts for years, and it's just as effective as the Pill.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

DWS - I agree, neither sex has cornered the market on a good memory. I must also point out that there is also the option of abstinence, but it doesn't seem to work 100% of the time for most people. This is your first time here, how did you find my blog?

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