Monday, September 14, 2009

Ban on Divorce

You said, "'Til death do us part."

You're not dead yet." Group's Website

Okay, it's bad enough that people, based on their own religious beliefs, can say who can and cannot marry, now one guy has started a campaign to ban divorce. 2010 California Marriage Protection Act

Where do people get off thinking everyone should live according to their beliefs? Interview with John Marcotte

I still think we should start a campaign to rescind all state and government benefits from the religious institution of marriage. That way it would continue to be a religious institution, there would be no interference or benefits derived from the government and likely fewer people would want to get married. If they can create laws based on their religious beliefs that affect my personal life, I should be able to create a law that protects my tax dollars from benefiting a religious institution that I cannot be a part of. I don't like divorce either, but sometimes it is necessary.


Larena said...

very interesting angle.....makes more sense than amy thing else I've heard !

tshsmom said...

Damned fundies!
People will still separate, whether there's divorce or not. The only advantage I can see is for the fathers(or mothers) that won't have to pay child support because they're still "legally" married.

The sad thing is that this would all look very good on paper. I'd be willing to bet that fewer people would get married, so statistically, it would look like everybody was staying married and living happily ever after. The fundies would claim this as a HUGE success for their plan.

maeve said...

When are we allowed to make up our own minds ... I guess we are not able without gov. stepping in ... thank god, because we all know how great the gov. is ..... UGH .....

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