Friday, January 21, 2011

Nazi Hyperbole

Man I love Jon Stewart! I love how he picks through an argument, piece by piece, and yet still makes it funny. I also appreciate that he calls people out regardless of party when they're being idiots. Here's a bit on Democratic Representative Steve Cohen from Tennessee.
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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

GREAT! I Love Jon Stewart. He gets right to the heart of things and with such refreshingly delightful humor! He deserves ALL the Awards that his show gets, and more!

La Cremiere said...

I could not see the video but I'm also a fan of Jon Stewart, he's excellent

Libellule said...

It is really good. I don't have cable, and I lived out of the country for a long time, so I am not up on comedy central.

What I find great is his ability in this clip to point out, in a very humorous way as you say, the ridicule of extracting one characteristic of an entire group that is historically and philosophically out of context, and using that characteristic to support an argument that differs entirely from that philosophy and historical context.

While I don't know the entire story, I think Cohen was trying to make an historic parallel on the dangers of brain washing with lies, and trying to compare that with what's going on in Washington about healthcare, but as John points out: making such parallels is absurd and does not follow any sort of real logic. But then again, I didn't see the entire part of Cohen's talk so is John Stewart taking clips of someone's speech to simply make his own point and support his humor?! Did Cohen go on to explain that he wasn't trying to compare Nazis to the Republican's reactions to Obamacare but simply the dangers of extreme thought when lying to one's self and others becomes second nature? (here the philosophical penchant in myself is shining through!!

Anyway, not to overanalyze the humor, which I do think is funny and Thanks for the clip!, I just am throwing out there some questions that pop into my mind as I watch this.

Have you ever read any of Ionesco's plays? "Rhinoceros" has a great illustration of the absurdity of syllogisms! A riot!

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