Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still working...

So we're back working on the kitchen some more. Repairing a wall, getting the shoe molding done finally, and hopefully finally getting those top cabinets installed in the coming weeks. We're also having someone install a tile backsplash. We weren't planning on that just yet, but the opportunity arose to save us about $1,000 so we're investigating getting that done. We've picked out a smoky teal subway tile to go with the paint color in the kitchen. This is just a stock photo, the tiles we picked are darker. I'll post pictures in the coming weeks if that project comes to fruition. The labor is covered, just have to see how expensive the tiles will be.

Of course, what would life be if I weren't working a couple of jobs, working on a couple of campaigns and over extending myself by planning another house project? I guess I'm just the kind of person who has to have projects to keep me occupied. I've actually been slacking on my political responsibilities lately, that will pick back up next week. Anyway, back to the next project. So M and I were in IKEA last week (?) when we took B back to college. I spotted this pillow. Or rather, the bright red of that flower in the top left caught my eye. I kept coming back to it. I immediately envisioned re-doing my daughter's bedroom in reds and whites. If you remember back to the summer of rotating bedrooms, Min's room was the only one that didn't get a total makeover. Part of that was because she gets mad when I touch anything in her room. Yet, when she came home and saw the other bedrooms re-done, she was disappointed I hadn't done her room as well. So I told her about my ideas for her room and she's actually excited and wants to help me do the work on it. I thought that I could do mostly block colors and then use pieces like this pillow to bring in other patterns and colors.

I talked myself out of it, then came back again. Checked it against other bedding, curtains, rugs in the store, then put it back. I didn't have the time or money to start this project so I figured I'd wait to look for pieces until I was ready. Then I kept coming back to the pillow, hemming and hawing over whether to get it. M said I should because it probably wouldn't be there later this year when I was finally ready to start. This is the back side of the pillow next to a lamp shade with a similar pattern that I also spotted in IKEA. So of course I had to buy both. I like the old-fashioned ticking on the back of the pillow. I think I will find sheets in either red and white ticking or various colors like this.

This picture inspires me for the room, although it's too much red and white and looks too much like a Valentine. The bed frame looks a lot like the old iron bed frame in my daughter's room. I painted that white this summer. I have asked my mom to crochet an all bright red afghan to go across the foot of the bed. I'm thinking of having an all white down comforter or embroidered bed spread, with the red striped sheets, or maybe solid red sheets, I don't know yet. This is still in the envisioning phase.

I'm thinking I want to incorporate Swedish folk art pieces in the room, which will be mostly white in the woodworking, cabinets, and bedroom furniture. I like the pop of the occasional bright red.

My daughter already has the Swedish dala horse, so there's a bit of authenticity and color I don't even have to look for. So why am I telling you all this if I'm not likely to start the project until late July? Because I am looking for ideas and pieces to go in the room. So if you come across bedding in reds, whites, or the old ticking stripes, let me know. Either send me a picture, a website, or store location where I can go look at them. I'd also like to find brightly colored Swedish folk art to go in the room, but just in small doses for occasional pops of color. If you see something that might work, let me know.


Libellule said...

very nice! decorating is such fun. I don't know of any specific references to give you, but have you checked

i love etsy and the quality of work is always fabulous plus you support hand-made work.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Funny Libellule should mention - I was just there a couple of minutes ago :) They have some cool stuff.

Anyway - I love love love white and red together, so crisp with a pop of color. Your daughter will absolutly love her room.

I don't think you are jumping the gun on this at all, in fact, between all the political stuff you gotta do, the kitchen reno and blogging, July will be here before you know it :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like you have really formulated most of what you want to do---And, envisioned it already, too! I think that is GREAT! Much good luck with that back tiling...I always love seeing your pictures of the finished product---So, I hope that goes well!

I understand your feelings about both Mr. Allen & Mr. Polanski...We all must do wha we must do.

tweetey30 said...

I was going to suggest you let me make her an afghan with her name in the middle of it for the foot of her I e-mailed you last week when I read the post but hadnt even commented. I was in a hurry to get out the door like usual. I had tonight off..

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Hey Tweets, sorry, I never check that e-mail. You'll have to leave a comment for me to know. We've already asked grandma to make the blanket. Sorry. We're trying to get as many from her before her hands and eyes give out for future generations to enjoy.

tweetey30 said...

That is ok.. I understand truly.. I hope my hands will last for my grand children to have blankets from me some day.. I have arthiritis in my fingers from my mom slapping them with the brush or the belt when she spanked me. She would whack my hands if they were in the way.. So I totally understand this. You will have to show us when its finished.