Thursday, April 14, 2011


A number of things have annoyed me lately and it makes me wonder if everyone is on some sort of automatic pilot drug and not really an active participant in their lives.

So TSA screeners are doing patdowns on 3 year olds, 5 year olds, is there some sort of profile they have that the public isn't aware of that says these suspicious youngsters could be packing explosives? Really, a 3 year old? What do they do to infants?

The government was in danger of a shutdown, it still might be, and we're going to continue playing politics because we're rich members of Congress and it won't affect us. Just like we can have the cadillac of insurances that the government pays for but the public can't, and just like we get the golden parachute of retirement packages, but everyone else's pensions (people who make substantially less than Congress people) get cut. Does that make sense to anyone? I say freeze all the assets of Congress until they do their jobs, no money, no insurance coverage, and start deducting from their retirements until they actually do their jobs for the benefit of the public and not big corporations and special interests.

Speaking of big corporations and special interests, did anyone else catch the story on GE paying no taxes on $5.1 billion dollars in profits, and then on top of that, taking a $3.2 billion tax credit? Yet the Republicans do not want to close the corporate loopholes or tax the very rich at a higher rate. Really? How can you say that with a straight face? How do you guys keep getting elected? Oh yeah, massive corporate funding and an ignorant, easily manipulated voting public. *sigh*

Then there are the multiple instances of air traffic controllers sleeping on the job. I can understand it happening, but when the telephone rings to wake you up and you still sleep? How about 2 air traffic controllers asleep at the same time at one of the nation's busiest airports. How does that happen? You would think when the first few got caught a couple of weeks back, that the latest ones would have been more careful about sleeping on the job so as not to get caught.

Let's not forget everyone's favorite wacko cult, Westboro Baptist Church. It's no longer enough for them to destroy funerals of military personnel, now they're going to picket the schools of the children of military personnel. Really? Are you that stupid? Do you really think you're going to get converts with that? Do you really think anyone's going to change U.S. policy because of what you're doing? The only policy that's going to get changed is that we're going to come up with stricter parameters on constitutonally protected free speech to prevent nut jobs from spreading the hate.

All this stupidity and lack of common sense is making me feel old and crotchety like Maxine. Have a nice day.

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These people think they are serious with whats going on out there?? Yikes.. I dont know what to say about the stupidity people are displaying recently.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh God...! I SOOOOOO Agree with you and find the state of our country "surreal"....! How anyone can vote against their own BEST Interests is betond me---It's like the people who vote for these Republicans are Suicide Bombers, who do not understand what they are doing---TO THEMSELVES!!!! OY!

I am discouraged and depressed about the 'state' of these United States more than I can even express.

Where is this all going to end????
You know what? I know, and I don't want to....Doomed! We are DOOMED!

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Wow, Maxine!!


Actually, I just read that they changed the rules/schedules to traffic controllors just today! Apparently one of the changes was to allow 9 hours between shifts instead of 8.

I tried to think about that. 9 hours. So, it takes you an hour to get home, and then another hour to fall asleep, and then you need an hour to get back to work, and maybe another hour to have time to shower and eat before work - that still leaves only 5 hours of sleep, if you do nothing else.

How is that enough?

Not sure I understand how that all works...

Larena said...

wow you should run with Donald Trump ! Go Karen !