Sunday, September 4, 2011

Min's first apartment

Yesterday I helped Min move into her first apartment. She's lived in a dorm before and she's lived on the farm where she worked before, but she's never paid rent and utilities. So this is a first for her in budgeting. She's been working for a Vet for a while now and loving that job, but it didn't pay enough to pay rent and board her two horses. Before you say it, it's next to impossible to even give away a horse in this economy, not that she would have, so anyway. She was either going to have to find a better paying job or continue to stay with family. Or so we thought. She found a second job. In exchange for a brand new apartment at dirt cheap rent, and getting to board her two horses on site for free, she has to take care of the landlord's 5 horses and two cows, which entails daily feeding and cleaning stalls. It's not that time consuming. She can feed in the mornings before going to work and feed and clean after work with the vet. This is the back side of her building. It's a 3 bay garage on the bottom and a really spacious one bedroom apartment on top.

Here's the view from her deck in the first picture. There's the hay barn on the left. The property is primarily a hay farm with woods for hunting. To the right is a huge horse barn with plenty of stalls. The two cows are straight back in the left field, the horses have the right field.

Min is really excited to have her own place and to have so much property to ride on.

So it's a one bedroom, one bath apartment with wood floors throughout. There are windows in every room on 3 sides of the apartment.

Everything is new and pretty. The kitchen dining area is open to the living room.

There are closets galore in every room, so she has plenty of storage, plus she gets a bay in the garage, a room in there as well, plus part of the barn.

The full bath is accessible from the living room and the bedroom.

Plus she has her own washer/dryer on the first floor foyer off the garage. Wow. I never had an apartment this nice when starting out.


CyberKitten said...

Looks like a really *cool* place to live.

michele (maryland) said...

OMG! Fantastic for her! Well, done.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Never mind 'when I started out' ... I"ve never had this nice of an apartment EVER!

Good for her!

Betcha it doesn't even feel like a job - she probably loves it, especially since she likes animals.

How great - good for her!

PS - that kitchen is fabulous!!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I know. Her kitchen is nicer than ours. Better finish work, you can tell who ever did it, knew what they were doing, unlike our do-it-yourself job. :-)

Anonymous said...

Very, cozy, looks like it will suit her needs. It's a lot of work, to take care of cows as well as horses. The few ( very few ) times I had to take care of hubby's bulls or pigs. it always involved pouring down rain and mud. Guess it is a good thing she's crazy about critters. Hope she enjoys her place. Is it very far from work?

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Pat, nope, she's less than 10 minutes from the Vet's office.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a spectacular place...And so rare to find something that New & Nice. I know she has to do work in exchange, but....This is a Fabulous deal....At least it certainly sounds like it and it looks so pretty....! CONGRATULATIONS, Min....!! said...

Wow that is amazing.. congrats Min.. So happy to see her so happy. I remember our first apt. dont ask about that..