Friday, September 9, 2011

My hometown is flooded

The remnants of Hurricane Lee have dropped a bit of rain on my hometown and surrounding areas. As a result, the place is flooded. I've never in my life seen my hometown flood this bad.

I grabbed these pix off the local news site, WBNG, and from a local blogger's site Pirate 4x4.

This is a shot of the riverwalk in the downtown area. The river has come up over it's riprap walls and flooded the walkway.

This is a road leading out of town to go toward my sister's house.

This is a shot of Owego from the last time I went up there. It's your "before" shot.

This is the "after" shot of the flooding. You'll have to click on it to make it larger and see all the flooding in the foreground.

Here's a shot of the Riverwalk area and where the water usually is.

Here's where the water is now.

Here's a video taken from the top of Cemetery Hill where I go each time I go home.

This video is for the benefit of my sister, Pat, who is stuck at home. This is a video of the downtown area of Owego and surrounding streets. In one shot it looks like the old high school on McMaster Street, judging by the levels there, our old house on Liberty Street definitely got flooded.

Here's Newark Valley:


Larena said...

thank you so much for linking all of these I can get Mom over to see them Thank You and Prayers to all !
I still haven't found my Dad but I am sure he will turn up !

michele (maryland) said...

Oh, this looks like the Susquehanna River to me. The most beautiful river I have ever seen. We follow it for miles on our way to Ontario.
But, we have seen it flooded, in the spring especially. This, though, is terrible. I am sorry for your sister and all others who are in this mess.
We will see it again in 11 days. Hope it receeds soon, for all.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Larena, was your dad in Owego or Newark Valley when they evacuated? I think my sister Pat knows where they've taken people or at least where some of the shelters are set up. We can probably locate your dad. Call me.

Michele, yes, this is the Susquehanna, but in addition to that flooding so have all the streams. So there's flooding in land away from the river as well.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Oh wow - there are no words... I don't even know what to say. I'm glad you are okay!!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Michelle (Canada), my hometown is in upstate NY. My sister still lives up there, but I'm in MD, so we're fine here. said...

Wow..I am with Michelle.. I dont have any words to say but hope everyone is ok and you all find your families and they are safe.. Its sad to think about what these hurricanes can do.. I didnt even hear about this one until I read your blog..

Anonymous said...

Well, today I can return to work. There are lots of people who can not, and will not for some time. Am well live far enough away from river that we generally do not have water problems. However there are lots of roads that are closed, including one end of mine, right by Diane's old house. With that can deal. Kristy has lost her house, and garage. When I say lost it's not liveable. So they will be staying with her mom and dad. The bright spot is no lives were lost or serious injurys.
So pray for the folks here in the southern tier.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Pat, Was Kristy able to save any of their things? Does she need stuff for herself and the kids?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It is unbelievable! These Video's tell it all....Poor Pat.
I just read her comment---I am glad she is alright and even able to go back to work....

It is a true disaster....!

Anonymous said...

When I spoke to Kristy a couple of days ago, she said everything is a loss, the house will certainly have to be gutted, and not sure where she goes from there. The water in parts of PA also not resceded yet. So the clean up process has not even begun. Owego, is unreal, ever house, business etc. for the most part is flooded, and the smell is ugly.. Am sure that she will try to get fema, aid.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Hey - hows it going? I'm back looking for you this time :)

Been thinking of you - you gonna post soon or WHAT ? LOL, hey, it feels good being on the OTHER side of that comment. Hahah.

Just kidding, hope you're doing good.


Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

I'm looking at your side bar - I wonder why it doesn't show I updated?

Sharon Strock said...

There are other places where you can see that kind of flood… You’re lucky you haven’t seen the worst kind. Disasters happen, and the best thing people can do is lessen its destruction. I couldn’t stand to watch those vids. I had a bad childhood experience with flood. =(