Monday, July 16, 2012


I have been busy with teaching, painting around the house and family things so I've gotten behind in my posts. One other thing that has captured my attention is the litter of puppies my sister's Shepherd had 4 weeks ago. My sister lives in Ohio, so I'm enjoying the puppies through photos. I will drive to Ohio at the beginning of September to pick up a boy puppy from the litter for my very own. In the mean time, here are some pix of the puppies.

Oops, I just checked my post and saw a painting picture got in there. I hadn't intended that but since it's there, I'm painting over the burnt orange in the living room and painting the room gray. Thanks to my neighbor, Michele, for the paint color.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

How adorable they are...! I can't wait to see which one you pick for your very own...!

michele (maryland) said...

Karen: the room looks fantastic, what a change. The puppers are so sweet. Can not wait to meet him.

Ashley Garrick said...

Those are really cute puppies, can I have one? LOL, just kidding.. :)
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