Thursday, September 11, 2014


My child

Before I knew you
I longed for you,
but I did not worry about you.

You were somewhere out there,
beyond the farthest reaches of heaven.

God knew where you were.
You were safe. You did not hurt. 

You were loved.

So I could go about my life,
without a gaping hole,
knowing that someday,
you would arrive,
and I would hold you in my arms.

Now, at this most heart wrenching time,
I need to remember this.
I need to be firm in my certainty,
that you are somewhere out there,
beyond the farthest reaches of heaven.

God knows where you are,
You are safe. You do not hurt. 

You are loved.

So I must go about my life,
Certain that this gaping hole,
will someday be filled again.

We will arrive in a common place,
and I will once again, hold you in my arms.
For that is the way of life and love.


Larena said...

beautiful. so sorry for the family. when will you hear from your son?

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I know. When Melody told me they lost their son, my heart just felt like it was ripping open and this came out.

We all Skyped this morning. M pointed out that this is the most communication I've had from him in 6 months. I do appreciate his efforts to stay in touch so I don't worry.

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