Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Curious Dream

I had a dream last night.  The thing I remembered most was while I was in it, and for a little bit after I woke up, was that I felt so much love.  It wasn’t a passionate love, or a comforting love, it was just a soul penetrating love, to the point that I didn’t worry, I didn’t feel lonely, or have that lost feeling that always crouches at the back of my mind.  I just felt dunked in, absorbed by, wrapped in, and thoroughly filled with love. 

There were all sorts of old buildings around, about three to four stories high, made of big block stone, there was an open quad area where I could see people milling around and others heading off to class.  I don’t know why I thought they were heading off to class, but that’s what I understood was happening. 

I saw an old classmate of mine from college, Jon Kennedy.  He was sitting in a chair, tipped back against the wall of one of these buildings and I went to sit down next to him.  We greet each other and began chatting. 

I said to him, “I’m so glad you’re here.  At least I know one person.  I’d heard Tunde and some others from our class were supposed to be here, but…” I finished.  He said, “where is Tunde?”  “Oh, she’s still back in Texas.” I replied.  He nodded as if in deep thought. 

He then began telling me his mom was wanting to foster or adopt.  I said, “would they let her at her age?”  He hunched his shoulders, like he didn’t know.  He looked at me then and asked, “you were 46?”  I said, “yeah,” then stumbled over my correction, “uh, no, I was 54.”  

We sat there absorbing this information, when a woman, the caretaker for this building, came down the stairs next to us and ran around to the side of the building to check on an old man we knew.

I got up to follow her.  Somehow I knew this guy had died young in WWI.  He was here before I left the last time, and was here now that I’d returned.  We all just knew him as a very old man.  I went up to the woman, who was knocking on his door and peering in his windows.  I said, “is he gone?”  She said, “yeah, I think he left.”  And somehow I knew, he had gone back to Earth for his next life.  I looked back at Jon, and understood he was just patiently waiting for Jenny to come back.  Then I woke up.
I wonder at the curious nature of some dreams.  Most are random thoughts of the day that come out in odd jumbles, and then there are dreams like this, that feel so real, and make me wonder why I dreamed it.  


CyberKitten said...

Dreams are weird things. As you say most make no sense at all and are just jumbles of images. Others however....... You can see why some people take them so seriously. I've had a few (a feeling to total love that lasted well into the next day and only faded several days later, and one where I stood outside the Galaxy and knew *everything*) that seemed very profound.

The brain is a wonderful crazy thing. I like mine quite a bit!

VV said...

Standing outside the galaxy and knowing everything sounds pretty cool.

CyberKitten said...

I was pretty cool. Shame it was an actual dream and I didn't *really* know everything - not even for a few precious moments!