Friday, May 5, 2017

The Republican Party - a scourge on humanity

 So without even reading the changes to a bill that didn't pass last time because it was so horrible, the Republican party pushed their Trump healthcare plan through the House of Representatives yesterday. 

It won't become law unless the Senate takes it up next and then it is signed by "NotMyPresident." 

The Senate has said it's dead on arrival because it's such a mess it would take too many amendments to get it to a place that they would be satisfied with it.  The Senate plans to develop their own healthcare bill, that will then get sent back to the House. 

All this said, the majority of Americans in the Democratic and Republican parties and Independents all agree we want either a single-payer healthcare system or universal healthcare.  The fact that our representatives in Congress aren't even pretending to listen to their constituents demonstrates just how truly bought and paid for they are by special interests. 

Will this be enough for people who voted for the Republicans to vote them out of office in 2018?  Considering how thoroughly gerrymandered nearly every district in most states is, probably not.  For a number of elections now, Democrats have received far more votes than Republicans, yet the Republicans remain in power. 

It's going to take lawsuits and wins in court to unseat these illegal squatters.  Some cases have already made it through the courts and the people have won, but we'll have to do that another 40 times, or so, to get our government back at the local, state, and federal levels. 

It seems these guys have limitless amounts of money to fight these court cases or delay them, allowing them to remain in power longer.  While they're in power, they keep passing more laws to limit who can vote, when you can vote, etc.  These are among the vilest people I've ever seen.

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