Tuesday, June 6, 2017

General Antiope

So we saw the new Wonder Woman last Sunday.  It did not disappoint.  I got totally lost in the movie, lost all sense of time and didn't even think about being in a movie theatre.  That's a good movie for me when I can forget about my surroundings and everything.

I don't want to take away from the movie, but I have to say, the biggest scene stealer had to be Robin Wright as General Antiope.  The instant she came on the screen, she commanded absolute attention.  I couldn't stop looking at her magnificence!  She was perfect in the role of an Amazonian General.  

She was physically the perfect female and so ripped in a feminine way, not bulky like guys, that you could believe she was a warrior.  She exuded power, confidence, and wisdom, all the attributes women wish they possessed in equal measure.

It didn't appear that she held anything back in her battle scenes, so fierce and aggressive were her moves, that they seemed natural and believable.  For all the great moments in this movie, the few minutes General Antiope was on the screen, were my favorite.  I wanted to see more of her.  I wanted to learn her story, her history.  She was magnificent!  A friend noted that she was glad the princesses of her youth (Princess Leia and Princess Buttercup) became Generals in the end.

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CyberKitten said...

Saw it yesterday. Agree that General Antiope was a great character. Good to see a mature female actor in that kind of role - I don't believe that I've ever seen anything like it.

Overall I thought the film was pretty good. A bit clunky in places and a bit slow in others but as an origin story (always the most difficult part) it was one of the best of the bunch. The section based on the Amazon island was one of my favourites. I thought that Gal Gadot *nailed* the role of Wonder Woman and was very believable. About the worst bit for me was the role of Aries which I thought was very poor.

The time did fly by though which is always a good sign. Looking forward to the next installment!