Monday, November 3, 2008

T.A.P.S. - The Ghost Hunters

Okay, this probably would have been a good post for Halloween, but I just didn't think of it in time. I'm posting this now because I saw an article about my favorite ghost hunters on the CNN website. When Ghosts Attack

I am glued to the tube every Wednesday night watching back-to-back episodes of my guys on the SciFi Channel. Go here to watch full episodes: Ghost Hunters

I'd always wondered if any of the ghosts they found ever followed them home. Another ghost hunter in the CNN story said they have. Creepy. Do you watch Ghost Hunters? I think I like this show because Grant and Jason go into the hunt armed with all sorts of technology and common sense. They disprove quite a number of cases where people think there's a haunting, but when they catch an image on video or a voice on tape, Man! Creep me out! Here's a short clip of them catching an image.

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