Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Check out the beautiful changes to the Palin as President site. You will be pleasantly surprised.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

WONDERFUL! And I love how the Palin Site is now so Calm & Beautiful.....!

I am dismayed beyond words by Prop 8 Passing here....I DON'T GET IT!

To take away people's rights is such a HUGE STEP BACKWARD!!! And they say that 70% of the bote was African American....(Of course, who knows if that is true....!) And that there was a large % of Latino's too. All I know is, The Morman Church spent at least 22 million to get this passed, and they certainly did appeal to the worst fears of people---UNFOUNDED Fears, I might add.

I know this isn't over----People will continue to fight this, but this outome is shocking.

KrisD said...

Great new blog! Although I am glad Obama won, it does sadden me that Prop 8 passed, as well as some of the other backward moving measures that passed in last weeks elections. (i.e. Arkansas) As I heard it put so well with regard to Obama and prop 8: The country got 1 right and 1 wrong, so 50/50 isn't so bad right? Except if it were a test that would be a failing grade.

I really need to get the boys in to see you, hopefully one day very soon.