Monday, February 9, 2009

It's not Pedophelia, it's my religion!

Not too long ago we had the story about our homegrown Polygamous sects marrying child brides, not to be outdone, Muslim men in Saudi Arabia are doing the same thing.

I hate the way females are mistreated around the world. All these empty justifications (religion, culture, etc.) for why men use and abuse females is just so much bullshit. They rape, molest, beat, abuse, own females, because it pleasures some warped area inside them. Then they hide behind religions and societal customs to get away with it.

Of course, they'd never stand for males to be treated this way; males are superior, ordained by God to have dominion over all creation, females included. Convenient that all that BS was written by men.

When I see religions or cultures where half the population is devalued, abused, held back, it just reveals the ignorance of the men. How can you be a successful society or religion with one hand tied behind your back? That's basically what they're doing when they limit half their population from contributing to their society.

Oh, they'll say the females contribute, they keep the home, they bear and raise the children, and they'll elevate those contributions as high as they can to hide the devalued status of females in their group.

Females don't need to be educated, they don't need to vote, they don't need to choose their careers or marital status. They don't "need" that because the males don't want them to have that. I'm sure the males are afraid they couldn't pull this crap on an educated population. They'd have a hard time justifying all the abuse under a critical, educated eye that's free to leave if they don't like the culture/religion.

If guys think their society/religion that devalues women is so great, let them live like that and see how they like it. This is not a well thought out rant, just a venting after watching the video about the 8 year old being married to a 47 year old man. How many of you believe he'll keep his promise not to have sex with her until she reaches puberty and if puberty comes at age 12, then it's okay for a 51 year old man to have sex with a child? What kind of religion is this?!


KrisD said...

Amen! Very well put. It is sick to justify and allow anyone to justify abuse to another human, especially a child. And to do it in the name of religion, just gives me a very bad opinion of that religion.

tweetey30 said...

This stuff sucks royally. I feel so sorry for these girls. I dont know what I would do if I had been in that situation. I mean I could never have my girls having sex at such a young age. Yikes I cant even think of them experimenting at 16 like some girls do. So more less even four years younger. Yikes..

tshsmom said...

Nice rant!
We "infidels" just can't seem to catch on to the ways of Allah, can we?

maeve said...

All I can say is WTF!!!!

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