Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Are people really as ridiculous as they appear in print? Here are two stories that stunned me this morning:

The economy is getting tough all over. So a married Chinese businessman decides he needs to downsize and get rid of 3 of his 4 mistresses. He holds a contest to decide which one to keep. The first one elminated tries to kill the others as well as the businessman. End game - first mistress dead, all others injured. Businessman has now been left by wife and all mistresses. What was he thinking?!Chinese Mistress Exacts Revenge


So a Muslim businessman decides to found a t.v. station whose whole purpose is aimed at countering Muslim stereotypes, you know them, covering the women from head-to-toe, violence toward women who don't submit, etc. What does he become most famous for? Beheading his wife because she wouldn't submit. She filed for divorce. Muslim Exec Beheads Wife

What is wrong with people?


Karlo said...

Maybe he can hook up with one of the spurned Chinese wives.

tshsmom said...

God, I hope that neither of them contributed to the gene pool! How clueless can you be?! How did those 2 men earn their fortunes, it obviously wasn't with their brains!

maeve said...

First Off love the picture!!!! Are you pushing spring or what!!! And fro you news stories OMG is the correct headline ... I guess you did not see this is the Bingo Press~~~ Gawd I have to read the news more online!!

Still no word on the interview.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Karlo, now you're thinking like these guys! ;-)

Tshsmom, good question. How did they earn their money? I've noticed common sense doesn't necessarily come with academic brilliance, so maybe the money earning gene doesn't necessarily have to come with the human decency gene.

Maeve, nope, funny enough, I don't get the Binghamton Press down here. *chuckle*

tweetey30 said...

All I can do is shake my head in disbelief.. Yikes.. Scary stuff.