Friday, February 13, 2009

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Weirder

So we have heard recently that the Octo-mom said she wasn't receiving any government support for her first six children, even though she's unemployed. Turns out she was lying, she gets Food Stamps and Disability Checks for two of the first six kids. She doesn't believe Food Stamps and Disability Checks are "welfare." She's playing a game of semantics.

When I first saw her interview I commented to M, "wow, look at her lips and mouth area, it doesn't move. She's had some work done." Where she gets all the money to have plastic surgery and in vitro fertilization is beyond me.

Now, take a look at her before and after shots. She's looking more and more like Angelina Jolie. When asked if she'd altered her appearance, she claims she has not. When asked if she has a thing for Angelina Jolie she claims she doesn't think about her other than when she watches a movie with her in it. Angelina Jolie's rep said they have received a number of "flattering" letters from Octo-mom in the past. Oops, caught in another lie. I'm really getting scared for the welfare of these 14 kids.

Supposedly others in the media have caught on and Saturday Night Live did a skit on Octo-mom and paired it with a visit from "Angelina."

Here's the interview with Octo-mom to hear her own words. What do you think? Is she nuts?


maeve said...

I haer you VV, she is being caught in one lie after another and I too would like to know where her money comes from for Invetro and fat lip shots!!

Mike Althouse said...

Nuts? That's putting it mildly. It would be funny if it were not for the innocents who will have to pay the price. Her 14 kids, of course, but also everyone else who will be supporting this "family" forever.

The nagging question I have is how would such a situation be prevented? Even with policies and checks in place, there are always ways to circumvent them. It's a touchy area - the discussion involves what many consider a basic human right. If we were to say she can't do what she did - a reasonable conclusion in this case to be sure, where do we draw the line? Should everyone who cannot afford their children be prevented from having them? The fact is that taxpayers are supporting thousands of children already...

I find it an intriguing question that pits my idealistic world against the real one.

Anonymous said...

vv, I also wonder where she is getting the money from. I really thought that these types of measures were so expensive, that really was reserved for very wealthy people. She had 6 kids already what is she thinking, you and I both know 2 or 3 kids can make one nuts. Just doing the normal every day stuff. Feeding washing,running etc.... But I do agree with the person, struggling with personal feelings and just making common sense out of the whole thing. The doctor and or clinic, should be held responsible as well. In my view. p have a nice weekend.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Mike, unfortunately I see mothers and fathers like this in court all the time. They have more than a dozen children, some approaching 20 and you just want to haul them in like animals and have them fixed because they just keep reproducing children they don't support, don't care for, and more often than not, abuse horribly creating another generation of people who will exhibit the same behaviors. I really think we should put a limit on having children when you have no means of supporting them.

tweetey30 said...

This is ridiculous.. I swear anyone that can afford this surgery or any surgery now adays for anything is beyond me.. You know a friend of mine back home in MN has like 6 or 8 kids now and she only has custody of her youngest if I remember right. The father to the older ones has them.

This woman needs to be tied up soon or else she is in deep trouble with the law and besides other things.. Yikes..

tshsmom said...

She's either nuts or greedy...probably a combination of both!
Child Welfare should take a serious look at her home life before they let her take the babies home. It would be criminal not to investigate both the mother AND her fertility clinic. Someone needs to take a stand for those helpless babies!

Anonymous said...

Definitely nuts!


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