Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Funny Stuff

Okay, so I felt in the mood for fun music or something funny. So I went over to YouTube to look at videos and this was on their most recent list. So I click on it and am trying to figure out what this chick is up to. Apparently she's gone into the Apple Store more than once to dance on camera and post it to the Internet. Here's her comment for this video: "Okay I know.. no more Apple store videos, but I HAD to post this because I almost got kicked out for the first time ever!" That made me laugh. I know I wouldn't have the nerve to dance in public and just go for it like she did.

Here's a Louis Black skit. I find him amusing, but be warned, he's quite fond of the F-word in this clip, so keep the sound down if there are kids around.

Then, this public indoctrination film from the 1950s is also always good for a laugh. "Go on kids, hide under your desk. It will protect you from a nuclear attack." Is it any wonder why we don't trust our government?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm afraid that first girl dancing in the Apple Store went on too long for me...Her 15 minutes of fame were up in about 30 seconds as far as I'm concerned...I watched it longer than that but finally gave up!
I LOVE Lewis Black! I saw him do that riff on Duct!
And I remember those Public Service announcements...OY!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN my dear. Hope he rain doesn;t put too much of a damper on your Halloween Plans....!

maeve said...

loved these!!!!! The Apple store was so dam funny!! And the George Bush thing is hysterical!

Karlo said...

Great stuff! Maybe if we had covered ourselves with duct-tape while hiding under our desks, we would have been truly safe.