Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Laugh for the day

Go Matt Damon!

Okay, so thanks to Anderson Cooper the song has been stuck in my head all day. There's no cure for it but to play it, or rather them. Laugh it up!


CyberKitten said...


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

All terrific....I have seen the second two, but not the Anderson Cooper pieces...I LOVE MATT DAMON & HIS MOM! LOL!

To answer your question....almost ALL of the Tile that George uses was retrieved from Dumpsters...!!
A certain percentage were bought, but it's a small amount in comparison to ALL the Tile he has used over these 44 years....
It seems that Tile Stores throw stuff out when it becomes 'unpopular' or unsellable for whatever reason....Well, none of it goes to waste. George has created this incredible House Of Tile Art with enormous amounts of tile that has all been discarded....!
AMAZING, isn't it?

PENolan said...

I'd seen this clip floating around facebook, but didn't watch it until now. THANKS!
and thanks for the review of How to Succeed. Velvet has mentioned he'd like to see it, so maybe I'll take him before school starts.

wunelle said...

It's bad enough that Blogger is about the only entity that recognizes that I've ever posted anything; what a blow for my flagging self-esteem for Blogger now to determine that my blog doesn't pass muster for basic existence! ;-)

I tried a little cut and paste myself and it found its way to the page, so here's another stab:

(Also, from the basic homepage one can click on the "book report" tag on the middle right and scroll down a few posts. Or use the blog search box for The Given Day. Good luck!)

Actually, for all the traveling I get to do, I've been only a handful of places (grateful tho I am for those). I love, love, love Paris, but it's all I've seen of France. And Switzerland I've not seen. Would love to spend MUCH more time in both places.

I look forward to a travelog!

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