Thursday, August 18, 2011

Surfing Lessons

So you should know by now that M is a total water baby. She can't get enough of the waves. She's been wanting to take surfing lessons before she gets any older, and of course, I'm not about to do that. The ocean kayaking was scary enough for me. So our friend and co-worker J decided she would do this with M. J has also jumped out of a plane before because another friend was doing it.

So last Saturday J and M took their first surfing lessons. And lo and behold, they both managed to get up on their surfboards in a somewhat standing position before falling into the waves. This was very exciting for them and they vow to get back out there again soon for a second lesson.

This is J. She seemed quite surprised when she realized she was standing on the board. For those of you who think you might be too old to attempt this, J is 53.

Here's M in her glory. You might have to click on the pictures to make them larger. I didn't have copies on my work computer so I pulled them off my Facebook folder.

Tomorrow I learn to make a "from scratch" awesome pie crust so I can make a couple of pies for our next Progressive Dinner Saturday night. I will post on that soon. Haven't finished Min's room yet, just got slammed with a lot of legal work and that has been taking all my time lately. Almost done with that, maybe I'll get a day off before classes resume.

Here are the re-loaded pictures so you can make them bigger.


michele (maryland) said...

Pie, can't wait!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Looks like a lot of fun, though it is a bit hard to see because one cannot make the pictures any bigger....Too badm really, because I'd love to see the looks on both their!

CyberKitten said...

[laughs] Looks like fun... to watch!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

When I get home later, I'll try to re-load the pictures in a larger format. Their expressions are great. I of course stayed safely on shore to take all the pictures. said...

That looks cool but I am with you.. Staying on shore will be difenately my fortay.. lol.. We took the girls to the beach a few weeks ago as you can see in my blog and bri was having a hayday but just belly flopping in the waves.. wish i would have gotten closer to take them.. i was afraid of dropping my camera in the water.. have fun with your dinner tonight.

MoLangley said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience!! Trying so hard to find some form of exercise that I might actually enjoy, but wasn't sure if I could participate in surf because of my weight,feeling much braver now!!

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Oops I did it again

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