Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Buckley endorses Obama

Columnist, Christopher Buckley (son of conservative icon and National Review founder, William F. Buckley) resigned from The National Review after endorsing Obama.

Buckley story


tweetey30 said...

Have to admit I never heard of the guy but that is no reason to resign from your job.. I mean if everyone resigned from there jobs because they wrote about some one the public didnt like we wouldnt have any newspapers or magazines left in America..

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I saw him talking about this last evening. It was Very Very Interesting! And his decision, I think, monumental! tweetey30 may not know who he is, but I do. And I knew who his father was, too! And his coming out for Obama is a HUGE thing. Resigning from THE NATIONAL REVIEW is an important move too---maybe MORE important----because he realizes that his philosophy and feelings about this election are 180 degrees opposite of THE NR's thrust and beliefs. And so very very far away from his fathers beliefs. Personally, I think his resignation says even MORE about his beliefs at this point in time than even his coming out for Obama.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Tweets, yeah I know, when did it become a deal breaker that if you don't agree with everything I agree with, you're somehow bad, need to leave, I can't be your friend, and all that other nonsense.

OL, you nailed it exactly. When I read his interview and his reasons, I thought, "exactly, why aren't other conservatives seeing the same problems and asking the same questions?" I think a small group of radicals has co-opted the Republican Party and the Conservative label and they don't allow any room for dissent, for rational questions, or intelligent debate.

Anonymous said...

look for him to be on Obama 's staff...L