Monday, October 6, 2008

Parodies of Palin

I don't know about you, but I'm very disturbed about Palin being chosen as VP for the Republican ticket. Are there no qualifications for holding the second highest position of power in this country? It was bad enough that we suffered through Bush for 8 years, but he at least had Cheney running things and though I detest Cheney, he's definitely not a stupid man. As for Palin, if McCain dies, who will be her Cheney? She certainly isn't capable of doing the job herself. Given the brilliance McCain has shown for his VP pick, I can hardly wait to see the nut jobs he appoints to his cabinet.

As with all tragedies that you can do so little about, it helps to find humor in the situation. I've been glued to the tube each Saturday night to see the latest political skit on Saturday Night Live. Fey looks so much like Palin, it's downright creepy. One of the more recent skits was of Fey delivering Palin's comments, word-for-word, no changes necessary because the words that came out of Palin's mouth were just so unbelievably stupid. That made me wonder, is it a "parody" if the comedian is using the same words as the actual person? Here's a CNN clip:

Here's the SNL Palin/Couric skit. It didn't allow an embed, so you'll have to click on the link:

SNL Skit

Here's this Saturday's SNL skit of the VP Debate:

Lastly, if you're still with me after watching all the video clips, I'm not sure why Matt Damon was interviewed about Palin, but he delivers a very clear message about the absurdity of Palin even being in the position to become Vice President.

Given the climate of putting someone so unqualified on the ticket to be the next Vice President of the United States, I find some humor in going to a celebrity to explain the absurdity to us. This is what we have come to people.

Oh, it looks like Karlo over at Swerve Left is thinking along the same lines as me:

It Keeps Getting Better


Anonymous said...

I'm thinkin' she is a maverick ready to take on those stinkin' Russians with their energies and their snoopin' around with their tanks which goes back to what I really want to talk about, this is energy which she as a maverick and you know McCain with the hockey moms and the pitbulls will be fightin' for ya you betcha (wink) and with her maverick family and maverick snow machines will be takin' on the energy thing right off if the main stream media just quits asking those tough questions like who really reads newspapers and they take too much energy which is what I meant to talk about and you and your terrorist friends can start leavin' right now, you betcha, if you don't like mavericks like Palin and old what's-his-name. Maverick.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Yes, if only the liberal mainstream media will just stop with all those "gotcha" questions like, "what newspapers do you read?" Readin' 'n writin' isn't a prerequisite for VP or President anyway, come to think of it, neither is speaking intelligently, as we've seen with W. By those standards, she is well-qualified.

Karlo said...

I've heard vague rumors of a comedians strike if Sarah doesn't get elected. (:

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Hey, I'll bet we can knock off Palin and put in Fey and nobody would know the difference.

wunelle said...

My fear is that she WON'T shrink away if she find herself pushed up into the Oval Office. I can see her just bullshitting her way along like a bull in a china shop, doing really grave damage and either not recognizing it or denying the damage in a hailstorm of self-protective political spin.

Either way, WE lose big time.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Wunelle, well let's just hope intelligence wins out in this election and she won't get anywhere near the White House.

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