Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween is Coming

We're getting ready for Halloween at our house. This weekend I began building a 7 foot tall Samurai ghost. We tried standing him up on our roof without success. I think he's going to have to go on the ground where I can run lines into the ground to hold him still. I'll do a post soon with pictures. Also, we attended the 4th Annual Baconfest this past Saturday. I'll be doing a post on that soon as well.

In the mean time, a friend sent me an e-mail with all sorts of dog Halloween costume pictures. I've picked the top three for your amusement.

Coming in at a respectable 3rd place, this little dog in his fireman's costume.

Coming in 2nd, I couldn't help laughing at this dog/cow.

The hands down winner of 1st place is this costume. When I first saw it, I didn't even see the dog. I just thought it was a good headless horseman costume with a stuffed horse or something, then I looked closer and realized it was a costume on a dog. Some people are so creative!

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