Monday, March 23, 2009

Head down and busy

So we're spending every spare moment working the campaign trail. Our general election is in 2 weeks. Lots of dirty politics and cheating going on. Constant stress. Remind me again why we're doing this? Anyway, I'll try to get more regular posts up after April 7th, in the mean time, here the latest on everyone's favorite crazy mother, no, not _your_ mother. Be nice.


tshsmom said...

Don't burn yourself out!

Does anybody really believe that Nadya wants the attention to die down? She'll lose her gravy train when this dies down. Then what?

Vancouver Voyeur said...

tshsmom, then what? Welfare like she admitted on the video. *grrrr*

Larena said...

ps., it is politics dear one, do not let it sour you....

tweetey30 said...

I liked the comment about what would she do if she didnt have Dr Phil.. I asked Jeff what Dr. Phil was going to do for her?? LOL... I dont see the connection or maybe i am just being blind to the whole thing.. I mean come one eight babies.. You take care of you my friend. You need some rest and take it when you can. Take a long hot shower to relax or a nice hot bubble bath..

Anonymous said...

A person can usally forgive a young person's stupidity. But this gal is no kid. Trying not to judge her, but whatever her reasons, bottom line is the kids are the ones that are suffering. Not necessarily material things, am thinking emotional well being as they grow, we all know how hard it can be, with one or two kids, my mother raised 7, and through in a child with any special needs, and she is bound to have at least one with some type of issue. Kids I do beleive for better or worse, are very resilent, and their normal, will be different than any other family. But what is she thinking. It makes me sad, there are ton's of family's that want a child either of their own or to adopt. And this woman is having litters. With no husband or father figure. Do think that it is very selfish on her part. She already had 7. Not to mention the doctor who did this should be proscuted, for violation of ethics if nothing else. Thought there was a standard Doctors are to abide by. Just one more thing that in this crazy world, people are trying to get us to accept as ok. Right Wrong or indifferent. P

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Let me be honest: I am so sick and tired of ALL these Cable Networks and 5-days-a-week-across-the board Shows---Entertainment and so called "news" shows, weighing in on this subject.
They have many many MANY hours to fill...and they really don't give a damn about what is REALLY happening with this situation---They do it because IT SELLS SOAP....! It pays the bills, so to speak....Put anything ON THE AIR that people will watch. Dr. Phil? One of the worst offenders, in my view...What an A**HOLE he is!

I grew up in a time when at 11 pm the three tv channels we had, went off the "air" and you were lucky if there was a "test pattern" to look at....!
Now? Well now, we have 24 hours a day stuff----EVEN "PAID PROGRAMMING" crap, which is just more Advertising...And, we have The Internet and YouTube....And we have people HUNGRY for anything and everything 'gossipy'....What does this say about or society? I shudder to think.

I know you are tired from doing what you are doing, my dear....BUT, what YOU ARE DOING, REALLY MATTERS! You are making a real difference in our world and in our daily life that truly truly matters! And I say, BRAVO to you!

So sad and too soon

Dolores O'Riordan -