Monday, March 9, 2009

The Status of Women in the World

The headlines in today's news got me thinking about the status of women in the world. How many thousands of years of evolution is it going to take before we stop mistreating people? Today's headlines focus on women. Tomorrow it might be a genocide of some unlucky group. Human beings are worse than animals in how we subjugate, abuse and kill others we consider less than ourselves.

This first headline is about a 75 year old woman who had 2 unrelated males in her home. The one said he was delivering food. The other said he was a sort of surrogate son who escorted him because women can't have unsupervised visits from unrelated men. What mischief exactly did they expect a 75 year old woman to get up to anyway?
CNN Story75 year Old Grandma to be Whipped

For this story, you have women put in positions with no males left to protect or support them so they have to get money to survive anyway they can. If they lived in a society where women were allowed to go out to work, shop and have freedom of movement, you wouldn't have this same problem.
Iraqi Women Pimping Daughters

Of course, abuse of women isn't just a foreign problem. Recent headlines of Chris Brown's beating of Rihanna cannot be overlooked. Oprah weighes in on this. If the headlines are to be believed, Rihanna is taking him back. How dumb is that?


tshsmom said...

Wahhibism and Sharia law are the scourge of modern society!

As for Rihanna...I don't know if this is the first time he's beat her. I can forgive just about anything once, IF the person seeks professional help and changes. The second time, he'd be out the door for good!

maeve said...

This is so hard to fathom in our little micro corner of the this huge planet that things go on like this not only in Saudi Arabia but so, so many other places also. It is disgusting what happens to woman on this planet! Spin the globe. Anywhere you look women are being held down and slammed backwards. From China… Where baby boys are greeted by gatherings of celebration and joy. Girl babies, by the way, bring condolences and often turn up in garbage dumps amidst mounds of stinking refuse To El Salvador…Where women are arrested out of hospital emergency rooms if they are suspected of having had an abortion, and where their medical records have been seized by the state and even their uteruses have been used as evidence to imprison them. With that said we are living in a planet that also offers us the opportunity to fight back, but there never seems to be enough power behind us!! Sometimes I wonder if woman’s oppressions will ever been lifted?

tweetey30 said...

I hate the thought of any one being beat once. I dont care if a man thinks he needs to beat a woman into submission. No way is that even possible. Sorry but its just wrong. I have had anger issues and went to jail once for getting mad at Jeff when we first started our relationship and I wont do it again. I have learned my lesson.

I could never pimp my girls. No way. Then they never have respect for themselves either as they get older.. Yikes.. What are people thinking...

Melanie said...

When the U.S defeated Japan in WWII, the US insisted (over strenuous Japanese objection) that Japan write a Constitution that gave women equal rights. Japan rebounded dramatically from the war, and one of the big reasons was that every study shows that the financial and educational health of a country can be tied almost directly back to one factor: the degree of equality of women. This is a simple fact, yet there are enough morons out there who would rather see their country wallow in poverty than let their women be equal. You can literally turn a country from poverty to relative wealth and comfort in a single generation. It is absolutely pathetic that this continues, and the US needs to get back its courage and tell Saudia Arabia and all those other countries that we will not deal with them until they improve the status of women in their countries. I realize it is complicated, but if we have the will, it will happen.

tshsmom said...