Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Gifts

What did you get for Christmas? How many times have you heard that? I guess we never stop being kids and being excited about gifts. "Santa" was very good to both M and I this year. We didn't get each other anything extravagant like a car or a fancy trip, but we did get things for each other that we knew the other one needed or would like. My favorite gifts this year are some music CDs that M got for me. I will be doing a music review of those soon. Another favorite gift was seeing my daughter do something creative for Christmas and not just buying something.

For M and B she made plates of sushi for them, but she made the sushi out of marshmallows, fruit roll-ups, and candy. It was a big hit.

The other thing she did was create photos for her father and I that spelled out "MOM" and "DAD." Here are the basic shots:

Now look closer. Min and B made up the letters in the photos:

I don't know why, I just got so tickled by her creativity this year. It meant more to me. Hope you all got something nice for Christmas!


tshsmom said...

Those pics are fabulous. I may have to steal that idea sometime.
The sushi is so cute that you almost hate to eat it. That kind of gift is the best to me too!

Z handmade my birthday card this year and bought a movie for us to watch TOGETHER. I'm always amazed when my 17-yr-old son enjoys spending one-on-one time with me. We must've done something right when we raised these kids.

Michael Althouse said...

Love it!

Hope your Christmas was special and the new year brings you happiness and peace!


tweetey30 said...

Have to admit I didnt get what I wanted but it will have to wait for tax time if we have enough at that time.. We have bills that need paying when taxes come in... I am scared to see them... Yikes...

Larena said...

love the pictures and the whole Idea...Great Job Min !
Hope to get your box off this week so sorry it didn't go with the other long story...but will get it out, this week !!Love to all & Happy 2010 !!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Job Mindy, you know, had to stop and think about who the guy was in photo, as last time saw B, there was no facial hair. WOW, Very Cool Idea! My gift from Kara was also a cool photo, something she took in our backyard, the old cow shed out back, she did it so it looks like a black & white with soft coloring. then matted and framed in a boxed frame. I also enjoy when anyone has taken the time to do something creative. When kids were young did a lot of home made gifts, but as of late have not done that my self. Have a great New Year.