Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Christmas

Here's something to help you start getting in the Christmas spirit, if you're like me and not there yet. I caught the scene in Elf last week where Zooey Dechannel was singing this song in the shower. She's got such a 1920-30s voice. It's so perfect for this song. So the first YouTube clip is Zooey and Leon Redbone singing.

This is the actual scene from the movie along with other clips from the movie when she sings. Also as a matter of fact, it's really cold outside here right now, I think it's 26 degrees with an 18 degree windchill. Brrrr!!!!


Melanie said...

Thanks, now this is stuck in my head!

tshsmom said...

Wow, Redbone is still around?!

It was -11F with a -35F windchill this morning. I think I'll curl up with a hot chocolate and the new Christmas videos that came from Amazon today.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

tshsmom -- ooh, fun! M and I are going to bake cookies and bread for my mom tonight and watch things we taped on t.v. Sounds like a good night to stay in.

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