Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Circle of Friends Award

Trish from Menopausal Stoners has graced me with the Circle of Friends Award. She's a blogger from NYC. You may find a kindred spirit or at the very least, a rip-roaring read when you visit her blog. She's definitely got a way with words and she's so kind-hearted that she gives people pseudonyms when discussing them on her blog. I knew I'd found a kindred spirit when I read a post about her ex - "Buzz Kill." I laughed so hard because it reminded me of my ex - "the Spin Doctor." So go over and have a look-see. I've been meaning to add her to my sidebar for months and months, so I guess now is the time I finally get around to it.

Now apparently the way this works is that I have to share five things that I like before passing the award on to five folks who fall into that Circle of Friends. I'm purposely going to pick on people who haven't been writing as much as they should, Kathy, turn around and get back here. Don't make me get on the phone! Batter up!

First the blogs: (I'm picking on these bloggers, who I love to read, precisely because they haven't been posting enough, or they now have time to post.)

Larena at Life at 40 Something

Marilyn at Maeves Madness

Kel at Autoschediastic Asseverations

Kathy at Homeschooling Our Tourette's Kid

Naomi at Here in the Hills.
(Naomi gets to take her time as she's been under the weather lately. No excuses for the rest of you! ;-))

Now, for the five things I like.

(1) My partner M. It's an inside joke with us, she'll get it.
(2) Puppies and babies, it's doesn't get any sweeter than that.
(3) Yoga Class. I'm there with Trish on this one. It's done amazing things for my strength, stamina and state of mind. My yoga teacher is moving so I need to find another class here in whoville. :-(
(4) Music and singing like a rock star in my car.
(5) Cleaning my house really early on a bright sunny morning. (Hey, these are things _I_ like. They don't have to make sense to you.)


PENolan said...

I love singing in the car and, as it happens early, early in the morning is just about the only time I will actually mop.

Looking forward to checking out your friends' blogs

tweetey30 said...

i am loads of pain right now. i broke my foot earlier today. i have tears running down my face as i type.. those are grea things for friends..

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, thank you so much my dear. It is very sweet of you to pass this on to me, and I appreciate it with all my heart, I truly do.
But I need to tell you that I have a problem with "awards". I find it very very difficult to choose 5 or 7 or 10 people and give them an award--what about the people I leave out? I don't want to hurt anyones feelings and awards by the very nature of them carry that possibility. So...if my inability to pass this on to anyone is unacceptable, my dear, please give this to another deserving person that won't have the same problems about awards that I do. I apologize with all my heart. But I'm just strange that way. (lol)
Amd I appreciate your giving me a bit of a break on Postung more often...It just ain't going to happen...But I will continue to post as often as I can---I promise!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh and....I love your five things! Sorry you have to find a new Yoga person...Much Good luck with that! Oh how I wish I LOVED cleaning my house, like you. My house would be sooo very grateful!

M said...

I like you, too!

Larena said...

Thanks I think, I will do better posting once I get home then I will bore you with my trip and 1000's of pictures.....L
PS as long as "oldold lady keeps posting," I love reading hers and her pictures are fantastic !

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Pen - everyone's a rock star in their cars.

Tweets - ouch! So sorry. How did it happen in all that snow. It should have cushioned the fall???

OL - don't worry about the award. Let's just hear about 5 things you like.

M - yeah...but you know what's better?

Larena - can't wait to see the pix. What I've seen so far are awesome!

maeve said...

OK now I have a mjor guilt trip! LOL I have been kicking myself for not blogging enough, because I did so enjoy it! So maybe this is the wee push I needed now that "eveyone knows my name!" hehehe I also stopped because I did not think anyone was reading it! Thanks! I will try to do better, promise!

tshsmom said...

I'm not gonna do it! THERE, now you have to call me.
Just kidding, I was an obedient friend and posted already.

Maeve, I always read your posts, but I haven't been commenting much lately. I'll try to do better. I've been a bad blogger too.

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