Sunday, August 1, 2010

The bugger that started it all

So here is one of the infamous lamps that we are building our bedroom around. About 3 years ago, we were out with friends when M spotted a pair of these lamps in a store. She thought they were really cool and I went back later and got them for her for our anniversary. They have been in storage ever since. I knew eventually we were going to have to re-do our bedroom and I knew I would have to work these lamps into the design....somehow. So of course, they wouldn't go with the wood bedroom suite we had. They wouldn't go with the iron bed we had in another room. The only color these lamps did not clash with was black.

So, with my tax return in April, I went in search of a black bedroom suite. M also decided she wanted a Queen size bed since we were going to get something new any way. Okay, now I am 47 and this is the first "new" bedroom suite I have ever purchased in my life. I've had hand-me-downs, yard sale finds and junk store finds. I've been perfectly happy with used furniture because it was so old that it was solid and of good quality. Um, yeah, new furniture in my price range isn't made that well, so it took me months of shopping before I found something passable. Here, obviously, is the first night stand. Unfortunately, after getting up at 6 this morning and painting pretty much non-stop all day, except for 2 meals and 2 showers, I am wiped out. My left forearm is throbbing from all the painting. It was all I could do to carry just this night stand up stairs from the garage. There's no way I can carry anything more. I will call in help either tomorrow or the next day to get the rest of the furniture upstairs. Tomorrow is M's birthday, so what with work all day and then going out to dinner, I'm not sure any furniture will get moved tomorrow. So, until probably Wednesday, stay tuned!


tweetey30 said...

Happy B-day M and i love the colors of those lamps. I wish I could find a color like that in yarn with black.. make a blanket or scarf with matching hat out of those colors..LOL.. Sorry yarn on the mind..LOL..I have a new post up with what I was doing last week since a week with out me is a like a week with no sunshine..LOL.. Hope you get the painting done soon.. Nik

Larena said...

Hope M has a happy birthday !!
I got a surprise parade

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Tweets, I'll go check out your post.

Larena, who was in the parade, do tell.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday M. Where did you go for the BDay feast?

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Sobo's near our house. Yummy!

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