Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stress Relief

Gearing up for school to start back has me very busy. (Stress 1) Law work is plentiful. (Stress 2) Attended a city council meeting last night where blatant lies were uttered repeatedly. (Stress 3) And I'm tired. So today, we get stress relief until I can finish uploading video clips from this weekend's tomato festival I attended for my next post.

I saw this guy in another video on a different blog and went to check out his work. I found this clip entertaining.

And lest I get too deep into a self-pity party, turn up the sound and remember the soon to be immortal words of Sarah Vowell, "It Could Be Worse."


Larena said...

sooooo wish I could get my sound card fixed!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Me too, the Sarah Vowell piece is so funny!

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