Tuesday, August 3, 2010

C'est la finis! And the best birthday surprise ever!

So last you saw our room on Sunday, it was painted and there was just a night stand and a lamp in there. I said it would take a couple days to get everything moved in because Monday was M's birthday and what with work all day and dinner that night, we weren't likely to get anything done on Monday. That's what I wanted M to think. So after she went to work, I didn't go into the office, but got right to work on finishing our room in under 8 hours. I still had to strip and paint the chest of drawers from Jr.'s room to put in our room. Of course, I had to haul it down stairs and out back by myself. That was fun.

The stripping didn't take any time at all, thank heavens for power tools! Then I painted a couple coats and the intermittent time to dry. While the paint dried, I began hauling out every piece of furniture from the garage that I could carry by myself, the other night stand, all the drawers for the dresser, the mirror for the dresser, the head board. Then a friend showed up and we carried up the bed frame, the mattress, the dresser and a chair. Once everything was in the room, I was able to move it around by myself and put things together. This included assembling the bed frame, drilling additional holes in the head board because they didn't line up with the frame, assembling all the furniture (feet and knobs) and just generally putting it all together.

So by the time M arrived home, what had been an essentially empty room when she left for work, was a finished room (for the most part, the box springs were missing and the curtains weren't up, but hey, close enough).

M had said a long time ago when I planned to do the room while she was out of town that she just wanted to walk in and have it all done without having to do any of the work (kinda like those HGTV shows). Well, she did have to strip paper and paint, but I did the rest for her and trust me, it was very heavy, hot work and working all out, non-stop for the day, but it was worth her excitement when she saw the room.

Then M saw her "other" birthday present, see it back there on that chest of drawers, the flat screen t.v. We had been using a monsterously heavy 25 inch model that had seen better days. She had been wanting a new t.v. for the bedroom for quite some time and so for her birthday I found a Sony Bravia not only on sale, but purchased in Delaware tax free. Woo-hoo!

So here are a couple more shots from different angles in the room. Overall I think things turned out really nice in there and considering the lightning job we did to get this all done quickly, I'm pleased with the result and SOOOO glad it's over. Now I can begin cleaning the house before M's brother and his family arrive in a few days.

I still have a few things left to do. See those picture frames on the wall? I need to have a couple of my photos blown up in black and white to go in them. I need to find a black scroll work decoration to go above the bed, and I need to get runners and/or doilies to go on top of each piece of furniture to cut down on the dust. The black furniture is acting like a magnet for all the dust in the house, it's unbelievable how quickly it gathers. Anyway, I believe I have earned a short rest before the family arrives, see you all in a few days.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BRAVA, BRAVA, BRAVA! And Congratulations...! You did an amaqzing job and in such a short amount of time. I applaud you, loudly and clearly...!
MANGIFICO, My Dear!!!!!

Thanks so much for your kind and understanding words regarding Sweetie....They are still trying to pin down what is wtong with him...Poor Sweet Little Guy...! Keep those HEALING Thoughts, coming his way, please.....

Anonymous said...

K, it looks great. A lot of work, and know that she really appreciates it. You know where I live? :)

tshsmom said...

Spectacular job! Everything goes together sooo well.
That's the kind of birthday present I would really appreciate.
Happy belated b-day M!!

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