Monday, September 27, 2010

Another visit home

A year or so ago in the winter we took a trip back to my hometown in NY. While up there, we visited Taughannock Falls State Park.
Here are the falls in their frozen glory that winter. Recently we revisited those falls in the warmer weather.

What a difference a season can make. My sister said it's been a dry summer thus the falls are not as heavy with water as they must have been that winter when they froze.

Here are the films we took each season:

Taughannock State Park, Trumansburg, New York, near Cayuga Lake (winter).

Taughannock State Park, Trumansburg, New York, near Cayuga Lake (summer).

In addition to the shots from different seasons, here are some shots I found interesting. These old wheel rims were on my sister P's property. I love the artistry in the hubs on these wheels. Each one is different and I wondered whether the differences had any structural purpose.

M wanted to pick apples while we were in NY. She was really wanting the Fall experience.

We also made time to visit with family. Of course my sister P still lives there, my sister D drove in from Massachusetts. Here we are overlooking our hometown, with my sister D's granddaughter in front of her.

The leaves were just at the beginning stages of wanting to turn, but it was enough to make M happy.

We sat and enjoyed the view of Cayuga Lake that was too cold to enjoy for long last time we were up.

When we went to pick apples, the apple farm had a huge swampy area that was completely covered in lillies. It was gorgeous.

I was happy and surprised to get these shots because it was so sunny that day and the sun was reflecting off the water into my face so I couldn't see either the video screen on the camera or what I was taking a picture of through the viewfinder.

The rest of these shots were taken on the trails hiking up to the Taughannock Falls. There were both shady and sunny parts of the trails. The riverbed was nearly dry from the dry summer. Still there were wild raspberries along the way and one really nice shock of Fall colors.


Anonymous said...

WoW, you get got some nice pictures! There is no place like home is there? One of the nices things about where we live, is that it's so close to a lot of very nice parks and other places of interest. Even if some one wants to go to NYC or Washington DC, both are very easy to get to from here. And we are spared, the big city nonsense. And some of the cost. Truely do love where I live. The pic's of the three of us turned out very nice, some time would like a copy.

Anonymous said...

It does appear, that M is a bit of a dare devil.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Those Lily's are BEAUTIFUL and it was so interesting to see the Falls in both Winter and Summer....That certainly is a very beautiful area. I LOVE those different Wagon Wheel Hubs, too...And you do wonder if the different designs have something to do with the strength or if they are just decorative...! Very 'Artful', whatever the reason.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Pat, I'll send you a picture in the mail.

Naomi, guess I should have asked Pat's husband why the wheels had different hubs. I didn't think to ask at the time. He's the one who collects them.

PENolan said...

I'm planning to be up that direction to visit Velvet at school soon. I'm looking even more forward to that trip now that you shared these gorgeous photos.

tweetey30 said...

hey by chance did you switch your e-mail addy on me again?? I went to e-mail you last night before work and it came back saying there was an error.. Just wondering. If not I will try again later today after I get my lazy A-- out of soon. N

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Trish, have a great trip up there. Hopefully the leaves will be brilliantly colored!

Tweets, I haven't changed my e-mail. Which address are you using?

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Tweets, I just checked the e-mail account associated with this blog and Yahoo deactivated my account because I hadn't opened it in 4 months. Oops. Guess you know I don't use it enough. I re-activated it so it should be fine now.

Larena said...

beautiful K. Happy times I wish for you & yours...

tweetey30 said...

Ok let me get this straight K you are the blonde, D is in the middle and P is on the other side of D..LOL.. but again you have beautiful photo's.. I just found time to read the post. I have been busy the last few days. I will go post a photo of my afghan i am working on for you and P to look at.. I know I have my Annon where you cant comment P but I can activate it if you want.. I am not sure how but I will figure it out.

Love all the photo's. I want to go get the girls each an outfit this weekend and then go take photo's of them for school this year.. We have a wonderful place I want them done in.. but I dont know yet.. I will have to see how much we have..