Sunday, October 3, 2010


I remember Amherst, and New England in the Fall; the crispness in the air, gives birth to coat and shawl.

I remember the gray in the sky of late day, like some doom crawling near, that only God could belay.

The warm aromas, of dinners for the night and children after school, playing in the last bit of light.

Sundown's just a haze, and more depressing this time of year; families gather close, there's comfort in being near.

When night finally falls, there's a quiet desolation, as though the houses and trees, are suffering a great tribulation.

The Fall most always brings people together, striving for warmth from the coming cold weather.

The remembrance of Winter's chilling cold touch, at this time of year, is recalled deep and much.

Remembrance of ice and snow of virgin white, weighs heavy on the senses, in the cool of early night.

Summer's warm rays, now seem distant and faded, as Fall encroaches, with mischief berated.

Slowly staining, vibrant leaves of green, turning to crimson, the life that had been.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Beautifully said....Lovely weiting! It really paints a picture of "Fall"!

We have a lot of Homeless in L.A., but I don't really know what the statistics are for Beverly Hills, which is a seperate city....I was amazed to discover that man in the picture. He actually looked quite well dressed. I wish I had gotten some more pictures of that fountain--it is very Beautifu;--but the loght changed and off we went, on to other things.

tweetey30 said...

VV it is beautifully said.. My girls have been outside since about 1:30 with only coming to go to the bathroom today.. The leaves are changing color and its just amazing. We went for a small hike today and I should upload those photos to todays upload. I sold two sets of knitting needles today. I also took photo's of my blanket today for you but havent uploaded them..

PENolan said...

Well done!

Anonymous said...

, Very nice. I love Fall & Winter, because it brings the need for people to come back together, check in with each other, if you will. And the family and friends that gather together. One of my old favorite hymns. First, line goes “We Gather Together to ask the Lord's Blessings. It is a traditional, Thanks Giving Hymn. Again Very nice poem, or at least that's my take of it.
Will call soon, so can have at least a partial straight scoop, on house in Texas. Am assuming you have what you need to under control? Parental unit was sure someone already told me what was going on. Why she thinks people lay awake at night, plotting against her or talking about her is beyond me. Thank You in advance for helping her.

Larena said...

love it now as I did back when...

Vancouver Voyeur said...

L, I figured you'd remember it. I've been itching to write lately, but it's so hard to get quiet time and the words just aren't coming yet.

Larena said...

just start with the alphabet ...