Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blue M&Ms To The Rescue!

Okay, I just had to take a break and share this with you. Who knew blue M&Ms were so amazing?!

Researchers recently discovered the blue food dye in M&Ms and Gatorade can have beneficial effects in the treatment of spinal cord injuries. No, seriously! Read the CNN Story here.


PENolan said...

No wonder my kid has such backbone.

tweetey30 said...

That is amazing. I love the blue Powerade at work.. this is something to think about for those that think they will never walk again after an injury like that..

Anonymous said...

Now is that just about the sweetest, little mouse, you ever saw? blue nose and all. :)

maeve said...

GIVE ME A BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol ... you only need a million of them though! I was so impressed with the M&M lights in Times Square, you could see them from our room! YUM!! made me hungry all night!!

Oops I did it again

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