Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Does It Mean To Be A Parent?

Okay, this is a serious. Before I go on my rant, I want to know what you all think. Here are my questions:

1. What is a parent?
2. What is the role of a parent? Emotional? Physical? Social? Financial?
3. When does parenting end?
4. Do parents have any duties or obligations to the children they produce?
5. Is there a difference in the roles of mothers and fathers?

Okay, that's enough, I could go on and on. It will be interesting to see your responses before I post my rant.


Anonymous said...

AH, my kind of question.
1. A parent, is a person responsible for the care love, support of a infant or child, regardless of natural birth or adoption, or as in a lot of cases in today’s world, a child comes into our lives thru marriages or relation ships.
2. A role of a parent is many things physical, emotional, financial, physical and social.
3. Parenting never ends, sort of like until death do you part.
4. Yes
5. Yes
NO. 2 in my world my thoughts are if you bring one into the world a person is responsible to take care of their child’s needs certainly basics. Food, clothing, medical. shelter It really does depend on the parents belief system, as to just how much they can do and what they should do. A parent can do too much for their children, and my basic belief is that for most of us we do too much for our children, and am talking from experience. However, this certainly does not apply to everyone. Because if a child never goes without any thing they never learn any hardship, and will always have mom and dad, or grandparents or aunts, uncles someone to fall back on (their safety nets.)

NO. 3 parenting never ends, but it does change and should change, as our children grow they should be allowed to make decisions financially, emotionally, careers, relationships. It’s a slippery slope, a parents hopefully as our children have grown up, we have developed a good enough relationship with them that they feel they can discuss issues they have to deal with without, too much judgment passed along with our options’, and hopefully they make some of the right choices, and understand what went wrong when they do fail. In addition, they do need to fail and get themselves out of whatever situation they have gotten into. Or they never learn.

N0. 4 parents, have at the very least the responsibility to Love, feed cloth, nurture, It is not necessary to buy them, every thing our commercial world has to offer, and it is ok, to shop at Wal-Mart for our teenagers clothing. In addition, it is necessary to say no.

NO. 5 in a perfect world yes, but way to often either parent ends up trying to do both, because of circumstance most often divorce. I do believe that men and woman because we are different species, bring different gifts to our children, to our families in general. And as people, we are not good at every thing. But do think that or assume that only woman should be doing the cooking, and cleaning, because we live in a world that requires, that in a great many cases, both parents have to work. However, these ideas were slowly ingrained in our brains and will take generations for the stereo types of man and woman to change. And maybe the roles are the same but the way these roles are carried out can be much different. Better or worse, am a woman guess what I think. 

tweetey30 said...

A wow since I dont have much time but yes a parent biological or adoptive have duties to there children. I feel we are here to love and cherish them because we wanted them.

We had them or adopted a child because we wanted to have them. I never thought of having my girls because I didnt want them or to make money off them like some families I have seen out there.

Women and men all together have responsibities to the children we produce.Well I have to go now. I will comment more later on if ok.. Or will e-mail you with my thoughts later.N..

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My Dear! So many very complex questions....! I'm not a parent. Never have been, and no doubt, at 78 years old, I will never be a parent--EXCEPT, except, except---- to my CAT---And before other other 5 Cats, since 1966!

I have one word for ALL these questions, my dear.


Love your child/children---through thick and through thin; through good times and bad; LOVE YOUR CHILDREN---End of story.....

And, the LOVING your children never ends.